Alpha Hydroxy Acid Powder

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Composition ingredients: grape acid, apple acid, citrus acid, lactic acid, etc.
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Product Introduction

What are Alpha Hydroxyl Acid?

Alpha Hydroxyl Acid Powder(α-hydroxy acid) is a variety of organic acids extracted from fruits and is an active ingredient found in many natural fruits or yogurt. Including grape acid, malic acid, citrus acid and lactic acid, etc., because most of them are extracted from fruits, they are called Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Among them, glycolic acid extracted from sugar cane is the most widely used.

The cosmetic effect of Alpha Hydroxy Acids on skin was discovered in the 1970s by American Dr. Eugene J. VanScott and Chinese-American Dr. Ruey J. Yu. Due to the excellent efficacy of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, it has become the most commonly used and indispensable method used by dermatologists around the world for auxiliary treatment and home care.

It is a series of carboxylic acids with hydroxyl groups at the α position extracted from various fruits, sugar cane, yogurt, and fruit wine, so it is commonly known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid. In the past 10 years, Alpha Hydroxy Acid have been widely used in cosmetics. They have strong permeability and are easily absorbed by the skin through the stratum corneum, thereby promoting the metabolism of epidermal cells and dermal collagen synthesis, ultimately moisturizing the skin and eliminating wrinkles.

PH value

AHA powder is a kind of weak acid. In addition to the concentration, the pH value determines its effect. In an acidic environment, it is conducive to the role and preservation of Alpha Hydroxy Acid. In an alkaline environment, Alpha Hydroxy Acid will be solved and lost. For example, it is a AHA with a concentration of up to 15%, but in the solution with a pH value greater than 5, most of the Alpha Hydroxy Acid molecules have been dissolved, and of course they lose the activity of Alpha Hydroxy Acid.

In the Alpha Hydroxy Acid product, the educational solution system of pH, stable balance is more important than the concentration of Alpha Hydroxy Acid. According to research, the acidic range of pH in 2.5-3 has the best effect of Alpha Hydroxy Acid, but the irritation is also increased. The maintenance products of cosmetics counters are below 5%, and the pH values are above 3 or more. The effect can only be focused on exfoliating and moisturizing effects. There is no obvious effect on wrinkle removal and whitening.

The concept of free acid: The so -called free acid is the acid that is not solved in the solution, as far as the Alpha Hydroxy Acid is concerned, that is, the really Alpha Hydroxy Acid. All Alpha Hydroxy Acids are weak acids, and some will be solved in the aquatic solution. What really works is the free acidic acid that has not been solved

Alpha Hydroxyl Acid concentration

Different concentration of AHA powder

The extremely low concentration of Alpha Hydroxyl Acid has only moisturizing effect. When the concentration is slightly improved, it has the effect of exfoliating, which can destroy the connection between the corneal cells and promote the metabolism of the skin. At a higher concentration, its destructive power is relatively large, and the effect reaches the leather tissue, which can be used for chemical skin exchange. Generally speaking, the higher the concentration, the more obvious the effect, but the chance of the side effects is relatively increased.

The role of different concentration of Alpha Hydroxyl Acid



Low concentration

Less than 10%

Alpha Hydroxyl Acid can reduce the coagulation between epidermal horny cells, which can remove aging keratin and improve rough, dull, and conditioning skin.

Medium concentration Alpha Hydroxyl Acid

10% -30%

The effect of Alpha Hydroxyl Acid can reach the leather tissue, which is good for acne, dilute dark spots, and smooth wrinkles.

High -concentration Alpha Hydroxyl Acid

Greater than 30%

It has a very strong penetration power, which can peel off the an aging keratin at once and accelerate the effect of removing firing and wrinkle. However, high concentrations of Alpha Hydroxyl Acid are skin -changing properties, and it is best to seek professional doctors for treatment.


1. Alpha Hydroxy Acid can weaken the adhesion of angle cells to weaken the viscosity of the epidermal cornea, make the stratum corneum on the skin fall off, and the skin is bright and moisturized. One of the reasons for the formation of ordinary acne is that the corners of the corners of the hair follicles have increased viscosity, and the accumulation of keratoscope causes the hair follicles to block the sebum, which causes sebum glands to excrete sebums. Bond, external Alpha Hydroxy Acid preparations can weaken the stickiness of the stratum corneum, make the hair follicles drain smoothly, and therefore can treat acne.

2. When the high concentration of Alpha Hydroxy Acid isolates the epidermis and the dermal high concentration of high concentration of Alpha Hydroxy Acid preparation, the epidermis can be separated from the dermis. This is the peeling agent. The exfoliating effect of Alpha Hydroxy Acid preparations is mild, and no pigmentation will occur after healing, and scars will not produce. Alpha Hydroxy Acid is a natural organic acid, and there is no side effect of the general dose. It is a nutrient that is beneficial to the skin and has a good nourishing effect on the skin.

3. Moisturizing skin acid preparations can cause the stratum corneum to fall off and expand the shallow capillaries of the dermis. As a result, the skin looks rosy and bright.

4. Alpha Hydroxy Acid is a moisturizing agent of the skin that can make the skin layer cells contain sufficient water, making the skin look shiny and soft.

5. Alpha Hydroxy Acid preparation can reduce skin aging Due to long -term sunlight exposure, the epidermis becomes thinner and the connecting tissue of the dermis nipple layer is thickened. Wrinkles, pigment spots and dry skin. Topical Alpha Hydroxy Acid preparations can thicken the epidermis, the connecting tissue of the dermis nipple layer is thinner, the color declines, the skin is moisturized, and the wrinkles and aging are reduced.

6. Improve skin texture Extracting Alpha Hydroxy Acid preparations to make the superficial hypertrophic cells take off the particles. The medium released by the hypertrophic cells has stimulated the fibroblast of the fiber in the leather. The number of cavity fibers and elastic fibers increases, and the skin is enriched and elastic. Alpha Hydroxy Acid can expand capillaries and improve skin blood circulation, thereby improving skin texture.

Beauty effect

1. Alpha Hydroxy Acid powder can promote the activation and renewal of epidermal surface cells, reduce the coagulation between keratinocytes, and enable aging cells to go off smoothly, avoid abnormal keratin accumulation, increase skin moisturizing ability, and make the hair follicles open will not be spoken by the mouth Covering is conducive to the smooth discharge of sebum, and at the same time, it also makes the generated acne easily fall off after softening.

2. AHA powder can promote the restoration of the skin from the inside out, eliminate skin flaws, and effectively treat acne. As a result, it becomes the core formula of most skin -living and skin exchange. Alpha Hydroxy Acid can avoid abnormal keratin accumulation, promote the activation and update of epidermal cells, and reduce melanin production. Alpha Hydroxy Acid molecules have better moisturizing ability, so it is a very good treatment for acne.

3. AHA skin can not only accelerate the relief of acne inflammatory lesions, but also help remove acne and dilute acne scars. In addition, Alpha Hydroxy Acid can also promote collagen production, and it is also helpful for the update of elastic fibers and the formation of base substances. Low concentration of Alpha Hydroxy Acid can reduce the aggregation of keratinocytes, and reduce the thickness of the stratum corneum; high concentration of Alpha Hydroxy Acid can cause the epidermal layer to exfoliate, the fiber hyperplasia and rear arranges of collagen can make the substrate in the dermis (acidic mucus polysaccharides) Increase, remove face wrinkles; at the same time treat acne, scars, and conditioning oil secretion.

Application direction

Alpha Hydroxy Acid has become the main chemical skin exchange component in clinical medical treatment of dermatology. It is now mainly used in the treatment of acne, melasma, skin light aging, keratinized diseases, and pigmentation after inflammation. The skin is more replaceable, reducing the contact time of keratin formation cells and melanocytes; high -concentration Alpha Hydroxy Acid causes epidermal loose solution; low concentration Alpha Hydroxy Acid reduces the cohesion of the cells to form cells.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid

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