Organic Ginger Powder

Product Name:Organic Ginger Powder Specification:300mesh 500mesh Certifications:EU&NOP Organic Certificate ISO9001 Kosher Halal HACCP Features:Organic Ginger powder contains pungent and aromatic ingredients. The pungent component is ginger oil ketone, an aromatic volatile oil. Among them, gingerol terpenes, water fennel, camphor terpenes, gingerol, eucalyptus oil extract, starch, mucus, etc.

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Product Introduction

What is Ginger Root Powder

Organic Ginger Powder is a kind of powder, the main material is ginger, ginger powder function is warm, excited, sweating, retching, detoxification, warm lung cough and other effects, especially for fish and crab poison, pinellia, araceae and other drug poisoning have detoxification effect. Suitable for external cold, headache, phlegm, cough, cold stomach vomiting; After suffering from ice and snow, wet water and cold, it is urgent to drink ginger soup, which can enhance blood flow and disperse cold evil.

Organic ginger powder contains spicy and aromatic ingredients. The pungent component is ginger oil ketone, an aromatic volatile oil. Among them, gingerol terpenes, water fennel, camphor terpenes, gingerol, eucalyptus oil extract, starch, mucus, etc.

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Product name

Organic Ginger Powder

Country of Origin


Origin of plant

Zingiber officinale Roscoe



Clean, fine powder


Light yellow

Taste & Odor

Characteristic from original ginger powder

Particle size




Ash (dry basis),g/100g


Dry Ratio


Total Heavy Metals

< 10PPM









Pesticides Residue

Complies with NOP & EU organic standard


Total plate count,cfu/g

< 20,000

Yeast & Mould,cfu/g

< 100





Pathogenic Bacteria


Staphylococcus aureus,/25g




Listeria monocytogenes,/25g







Cool, Dry, Darkness, & Ventilative


25kgs/paper bag or carton

Shelf life



1. Antioxidation, inhibit tumor

Gingerol and diphenyl heptane compounds contained in organic ginger powder have strong antioxidant and free radical scavenging effects. Tumor inhibition; Eating ginger can fight aging, old people often eat ginger can be in addition to "old spots".

2. Appetizer and spleen, promote appetite

In hot summer, because the secretion of human saliva and gastric juice will reduce, thus affecting appetite, if you eat a few pieces of ginger before meals, can stimulate the secretion of saliva, gastric juice and digestive juice, increase gastrointestinal peristalsis, and enhance appetite.

3. Heat, cooling, refreshing

In hot temperatures, some ginger powder can play a stimulant, sweat, cooling, and refreshing effect.

4. Sterilization detoxification, swelling and pain relief

Scientific studies have found that organic ginger powder works as well as certain antibiotics, especially salmonella. In hot temperatures, food is prone to bacterial pollution, and growth and reproduction fast, easy to cause acute gastroenteritis, the right amount of ginger can play a preventive role.

5. Prevent motion sickness, nausea and vomiting

Eating organic Ginger Root Powder has the effect of preventing nausea and vomiting, if there is some movement caused by "sports maladjustment disease", eating ginger can make it relieved. Studies have proved that ginger powder is 90% effective in headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms caused by exercise, and its efficacy can last for more than 4 hours.

6. Modern research shows that organic ginger powder contains peroxide dismutase, which is an anti-aging substance. Research of a few nutritionists recently discovered that ginger powder contains a special material, its chemical structure and aspirin acetyl salicylic acid similar, this kind of material can prevent platelet aggregation, and prevent the effect of thrombosis is very ideal. Ginger powder can inhibit the growth of cancer cells to some extent.


1. Application in the pharmaceutical field

2. Applied to the cosmetic field

3. Organic Ginger Powder Applied in the food field



Package & Shipment


1-200kg by express(DHL/FEDEX/UPS/EMS/TNT China)

Over 200kg by sea or air

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