Copper Peptide GHK Cu Powder

Product Name:Copper Peptide GHK Cu
Appearance:Blue to Purple Powder
Testing Method:HPLC
Pesticide Residue:Comply with (EC) No 396/2005 Standard
Storage conditions: This product should be sealed and shaded, stored in a dry
Shipping speed:1-3 days

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Product Introduction

What is Copper Peptide Powder?

Copper Peptide GHK Cu Powder, also known as (copper tripeptide-1), is a compound formed by copper ions and tripeptide-1. Copper peptide GHK Cu is a peptide molecule composed of three amino acids in the glycyl-histyl-lysine sequence. The chemical formula is C14H24CuN604. It is an important biological compound.

The copper peptide GHK Cu powder was originally isolated from human plasma in 1973 and discovered in 1985 to have wound repair properties. In 1999, researchers proposed that GHK and its copper complex could act as activators of tissue remodeling. It is also a signal peptide that promotes the degradation of large collagen aggregates on the outside of scars. Normal collagen synthesis, elastin, proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycan production in the skin. Growth rate and migration, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant responses of different cell types.

Copper peptide GHK Cu can promote cell repair, enhance skin absorption, resist oxidation, deeply awaken the skin, and improve skin cell vitality. Its main component is protein composed of amino acids, which contains copper ions, tripeptide-1 copper and other ingredients. They are very effective tissue protective ingredients that eliminate inflammation.

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YTBIO provides 99% copper peptide GHK copper powder with high content, good stability and easy storage. We have been committed to providing customers with natural, safe and organic plant extracts for many years. All products we offer are manufactured in accordance with the highest international industry standards, and YTBIO has passed multiple certifications such as Halal, Kosher, FDA, ISO, etc. Authoritative third-party testing report.

Mechanism of action

Studies have shown that copper tripeptide-1 can block the activation of the inflammation "master switch" NF-kB by inhibiting the phosphorylation and nuclear translocation of NF-κB p65 induced by external stimuli.


What does GHK Cu Powder do?

Repair skin tissue and promote wound healing

GHK is a bioactive regulatory factor that naturally exists in the α2(I) chain of type I collagen in the extracellular matrix (ECM). It is released after skin injury and is an early signal for tissue repair. In addition, endothelial cells express a stromal cell-secreted glycoprotein, SPARC, which is degraded to produce GHK, which is considered to be one of the sources of GHK in serum.

Copper ions are trace elements required for various enzymatic reactions in the human body. The content of divalent copper ions in human plasma is about 1 μg/mL, more than 95% of which is present in ceruloplasmin, and the remaining 5% is with other Molecules (such as albumin, histidine, etc.) bind. Due to its high affinity for copper ions, GHK can antagonize other molecules, compete with them to complex copper ions, and serve as a carrier to deliver copper ions to the injury site to promote wound healing and tissue repair.

Epidermal stem cells exist in the basal layer and can differentiate into various cells in the skin when tissue is damaged, including fibroblasts, melanocytes, endothelial cells, etc. The loss of proliferation potential of epidermal stem cells is related to the reduction of integrin and p63 protein expression. Studies have found that GHK-Cu can significantly increase the expression of integrin and p63 protein, enhance the proliferation potential of epidermal stem cells, and enable them to better participate in tissue repair. process.

Promotes the synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs)

Copper Peptide GHK Cu Powder plays a physiological role in wound healing and tissue repair by stimulating collagen and glycosaminoglycans in fibroblasts. Biochemical analyzes were performed on rats injected with 2.0 mg of blue copper peptide (GHK-Cu) or phosphate-buffered saline control. Hydroxyproline and glucuronic acid were used as indicators of collagen and GAG content, respectively.

The results showed that throughout the experiment, injection of GHK-Cu significantly increased collagen content compared to the control on days 18 and 22 (396% and 538% compared to the control, respectively, p<0.05). GAG accumulation was significantly higher than controls on days 12, 18, and 22 (191%, 180%, and 179% of corresponding controls, respectively, p<0.05). Results showed that copper peptide (GHK-Cu) powder increased the synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycans in the skin.

Skin tightening

Copper Peptide GHK Cu Powder not only increases collagen, but also helps tighten the skin barrier and increase the density of collagen and elastin. Ultrasound scans were performed on the skin of a woman (59 years old) before treatment and on the same skin one month after treatment with a cream containing GHK copper powder. The white and yellow areas are ultrasound reflections from areas of skin that are denser due to cells being more tightly bound together and the amount of collagen and elastin being increased.

Reshape skin structure, resist aging and remove wrinkles

GHK-Cu can effectively enhance the functionality of fibroblasts and stimulate them to synthesize glycosaminoglycans, proteoglycans, collagen, elastin and other ECM components, thereby reshaping the skin structure.

In addition, GHK-Cu can also promote the expression of matrix metalloproteinases MMP-2, MMP-9 and their tissue inhibitors TIMPs. By regulating the activity of MMPs and TIMPs, GHK-Cu can help maintain the balance between matrix decomposition and synthesis, accelerate tissue remodeling, and improve the appearance of skin aging.

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Immune cells use reactive oxygen species and other powerful oxidants to fight bacteria, so oxidative damage always accompanies inflammation. Relevant studies have shown that GHK-Cu can inhibit inflammation by reducing the levels of acute inflammatory cytokines such as TGF-β and TNF-α. In addition, by providing copper ions to tissues, GHK-Cu can increase the activity of superoxide dismutase, thereby inhibiting the generation of reactive oxygen species and achieving antioxidant effects.

Application of blue copper peptide in cosmetics:

Copper peptide GHK Cu tightens loose skin and improves elasticity. Improves skin density and firmness. Reduces fine lines and deep wrinkles. Improves skin clarity. Reduces photodamage and spot hyperpigmentation. Strongly increases keratinocyte proliferation. Blue copper peptide Kung can play multiple roles in the field of cosmetics and skin care, such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-ethanol, etc. GHK copper powder is a good cosmetic raw material. Copper peptide GHK Cu powder is not only used for beauty and anti-wrinkle, but also has effects such as promoting hair growth and wound healing.

Recipe notes:

Avoid using strong acidic substances (fruit acid, A acid, high-concentration water-soluble L-VC), strong bases and strong oxidants together.

Avoid the use of ingredients that may form complexes with Cu ions, such as octanoyl hydroxamic acid preservatives, EDTA, carnosine, etc.

Avoid use with carbomer thickeners.

Recipe addition suggestions:

1. Wait for the formula system to drop below 40 degrees

2. When the pH is adjusted to 4.5-6.5, if it is too low or too high, it will cause the copper tripeptide-1 to decompose and change color.

3. It is recommended to add Tripeptide-1 copper solution last.


Test report about GHK Cu




Assay by HPLC




Blue powder


Odor & taste



Mesh size

100% pass100 mesh


Loss on drying



Residue on ignition




Soluble in water


Identity by MS(GHK)



Bulk density



Heavy metals



Heavy metals









Total Plate Count



Yeast & Mold






S. Aureus







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