Betulin Powder

CAS Number: 473-98-3
Molecular Formula: C30H50O2
Molecular Weight: 442.7168 g/mol
Plant Source: White Birch Bark
Specification: HPLC 98%
Certificate:HACCP, ISO9001, ISO22000, HALAL, KOSHER, FDA
Storage: Store in cool and dry places. Keep away from strong light and heat
Packing: By 25kgs/Drum, inner by double plastic bag
Shelf Life: 24 months under the above condition, and in its original package

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Product Introduction

What is Betulin Powder?

Betulin powder, also known as Betulinol, Betulinic Alcohol, or Betulonic Acid, is derived from the white birch bark. It is soluble in ethanol, ether, chloroform, and benzene, and slightly soluble in cold water, petroleum ether, and other organic solvents. Betulin possesses anti-inflammatory, antiviral, protein dissolution inhibition in hair fibers, damaged hair gloss improvement, and hair growth promotion activities. It finds applications in industries such as food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

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Why choose Yuantai Organic?

Using birch bark as the raw material and ethanol as the organic solvent, low-temperature extraction is employed to shorten the extraction time and achieve high yields of Betulin. Ultrasonic extraction is utilized, with 20 minutes of ultrasonic treatment during reflux, to enhance extraction efficiency and product purity by breaking down the bark tissues. In the refining process, an advanced high-pressure preparative chromatography separation system is used to ensure product purity and quality. Betulin powder stability is excellent, with a purity exceeding 98%, and Yuantai Organic holds certifications such as HACCP, ISO9001, ISO22000, HALAL, KOSHER, and FDA.

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Plant Source

White birch trees grow in the regions of Northeast China, Greater and Lesser Khingan Mountains, Changbai Mountains, and northern high mountain areas of North China. They grow below 1000m elevation in Northeast China and between 1300-2700m in North China. They are also found in parts of Siberia, North Korea, and northern Japan. The distinctive white bark stands out among evergreen plants. The tree can reach a height of 80 feet (24 meters) and has elliptical leaves with serrated edges. The smooth white bark consists of numerous thin layers that can be peeled off. Due to its waterproof resin content, Native Americans used birch bark to make small boats, buckets, baskets, and various other items. In European tradition, birch sap has been widely used for skincare and beauty, particularly in Nordic and Eastern European cultures. Birch sap was officially included in the Danish Pharmacopoeia as early as 1772. During the Victorian era, Queen Victoria of England used birch sap for beauty purposes.

White birch sap contains more than 67 nutrients, including unique triterpenoids, salicin, polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, and various trace elements and aromatic substances. It serves as a natural and nourishing medicinal material widely used by humans.

Betulin Powder Function

1. Melanin Inhibition
Betulin acts as a natural, safe, and side-effect-free phytoestrogen. Through the p38-MAPK signaling pathway, it inhibits melanin synthesis in A375 cells, reducing excessive skin pigmentation and improving the appearance of melasma. 

2. Lipid Lowering
Betulin has positive pharmacological impacts in battling hyperlipidemia, bringing down both blood cholesterol and fatty oil levels. It can likewise repress the capability of Sterol Administrative Component Restricting Proteins (SREBPs), affecting cholesterol digestion. 

3. Hepatoprotective Impacts
Betulin displays restorative impacts against alcoholic greasy liver illness in rodents, fundamentally further developing liquor-actuated hepatic steatosis and corruption. It smothers liquor prompted lipid peroxidation responses in liver tissues, demonstrating viability in treating alcoholic liver injury.

4. Moisturizing and Anti-Sensitivity
Betulin powder, as the essence of birch sap, has strong anti-inflammatory and reparative effects. It stimulates stratum corneum regeneration, accelerating the healing of damaged skin. In Europe, it's referred to as the "natural repair factor." Products containing Betulin have shown a 30-50% improvement in repairing and anti-inflammatory effects compared to control groups. In lab settings, the speed of stratum corneum cell repair with birch sap at a certain concentration is 1.3-1.5 times faster than control products.

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5. Security of Hippocampal Neurons
Betulin works on burdensome ways of behaving in a constant pressure-prompted despondency rodent model and offers security to hippocampal neurons. It accomplishes this by expanding the statement of PSD-95 and Synapsin-I in the hippocampus, subsequently shielding neurotransmitters and diminishing oxidative pressure harm to hippocampal neurons. It further develops learning and memory capacities in a mouse model of Application/PS1 twofold transgenic dementia, upgrading hippocampal long-haul potentiation and safeguarding mental capability in exploratory creatures.





Package & Shipment

  1. 20kg/bag, 500kg/Pallet The size is 120cm*100cm*110cm

  2. 1-500kg by express(DHL/FEDEX/UPS/EMS/TNT China)

  3. Over 200kg by sea or air



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