Bromelain Powder Bulk

Active Ingredient: Bromelain
Specification: 900GDU/g-3000GDU/g,and customized specifications
Appearance: Light Yellow Powder
Annual Supply Capacity: More Than 10000 tons
Features: No Additives, No Preservatives, No GMOs, No Artificial Colors
Package: 1kg/ Bag 25kg/drum
Sample: Free Sample Available
Storage conditions: This product should be sealed and shaded, stored in a dry
Shipping speed:1-3 days

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Product Introduction

What is bromelain powder?

Bromelain Powder, also known as bromelain. Thiol protease extracted from pineapple juice, peel, etc. Light yellow amorphous powder with slight odor. Molecular weight 33000. The optimal pH value of casein, hemoglobin, and BAEE is 6-8, while the optimal pH value of gelatin is 5.0. Heavy metals inhibit enzyme activity. Slightly soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, acetone, chloroform and ether. It preferentially hydrolyzes the peptide chain on the carboxyl side of basic amino acids (such as arginine) or aromatic amino acids (such as phenylalanine, tyrosine), selectively hydrolyzes fibrin, breaks down muscle fibers, and has a weak effect on fibrinogen. It can be used for beer clarification, medicinal digestion, anti-inflammatory and swelling, etc.

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What are the functions of Bromelain?

As a protease, Bromelain Powder Bulk works by improving protein absorption. However, bromelain is widely used to promote wound healing and help treat a variety of illnesses. For example, if you suffer from chronic inflammation or a sports injury, consider taking a bromelain supplement to help your body recover. Other benefits you can get from this supplement include:

• Reduces inflammation and swelling – Bromelain may help relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatism. It is also used to aid sprain and strain recovery by reducing swelling and promoting tissue healing. For those currently taking medications for arthritis, consider switching to bromelain as a more natural alternative.

• Improves immune function – Research shows that bromelain promotes a healthy immune system by regulating a variety of inflammatory proteins during cellular stress.

• Accelerated wound healing – Post-surgical use of bromelain has been observed to promote soft tissue healing and reduce bruising. Patients who took bromelain also had shorter wound healing times than those who did not.

• Improves blood flow – Bromelain Powder Bulk helps promote healthy blood flow by reducing platelet aggregation in blood vessels and reducing the chance of clots forming. This may reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.

What are the applications of bromelain?

1. Application of bromelain in food processing industry

Baked goods: Adding bromelain to dough can break down gluten, making the dough easier to process after it softens. It can also improve the taste and quality of biscuits and bread.

Cheese: used for coagulation of casein.

Meat tenderization: Bromelain hydrolyzes the large protein molecules of meat proteins into easily absorbed small molecule amino acids and proteins. It can be widely used in the finishing of meat products.

Applications of Pure Bromelain Powder in other food processing industries. Some people use bromelain to increase the PDI value and NSI value of soybean cakes and soybean flour, thereby producing soluble protein products as well as breakfast, cereals and beverages containing soybean flour. Others include the production of dehydrated legumes, baby food, and margarine; clarifying apple juice; manufacturing gummies; providing easily digestible foods to patients; and adding flavor to everyday foods.

2. Application of bromelain in the pharmaceutical and health care products industry

Inhibit the growth of tumor cells

Relevant clinical studies have shown that bromelain can inhibit the growth of tumor cells.

Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease

Pure Bromelain Powder, as a proteolytic enzyme, is beneficial in preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases. It inhibits platelet aggregation caused by heart disease and stroke, relieves angina symptoms, slows arterial contraction, and accelerates the breakdown of fibrinogen.

Used to remove scab from burns

Bromelain selectively removes skin, allowing new skin grafts to be made sooner. Animal experiments show that bromelain has no adverse effects on adjacent normal skin. Topical antibiotics do not affect the effectiveness of bromelain.

anti-inflammatory effect

Bromelain is effective in treating inflammation and edema in a variety of tissues (including thrombophlebitis, skeletal muscle injury, hematoma, stomatitis, diabetic ulcers, and sports injuries), and bromelain has the potential to activate inflammatory responses. Bromelain can also treat diarrhea.

Improve drug absorption

The combination of bromelain and various antibiotics (such as tetracycline, amoxicillin, etc.) can improve its efficacy. Related research shows that it can promote the spread of antibiotics at the site of infection, thereby reducing the amount of antibiotics used. Presumably, anticancer drugs are expected to have similar effects. In addition, bromelain can promote the absorption of nutrients.

3. Application of bromelain in the beauty and cosmetics industry

Bromelain has excellent effects on skin rejuvenation, whitening, and freckle removal.

Basic principle of action: Bromelain can act on the aging stratum corneum of human skin, promote its degradation, decomposition, and removal, promote skin metabolism, and reduce skin darkening caused by sun exposure. Keep your skin in good, white and tender condition.

4. Application of bromelain preparations in feed

Adding bromelain to feed formulas or directly mixing it into feeds can greatly improve protein utilization and conversion rates, develop a wider range of protein sources, and thereby reduce feed costs.






Light yellow powder







Sieve Analysis

100% pass 80 mesh


Loss on Drying

5% Max.


Heavy Metal

5ppm Max



2ppm Max


Residual Solvents

0.05% Max.



Total Plate Count

1000/g Max


Yeast & Mold

100/g Max









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