Carrot extract Powder

Product name: Carrot extract Molecular formula: C40H56
Molecular quantity: 536. 88
CAS: 7235-40-7
Einecs: 230-636-6
Following point: 176 to 179 ℃
Boiling point: 654.7 ℃

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Product Introduction

What is Carrot extract powder?

Carrot extract Powder( C40H56) is one of the carotenoids and is an orange fat-answerable emulsion, it's the most ubiquitous in nature and the most stable natural color. A member of a family of natural chemicals similar as carotenoids or carotenoids.It is abundant in plants and gives fruits and vegetables their rich yellow and orange colors. 

Pure appearance of reddish purple to dark red crystalline powder, slightly special odor. The dilute solution of β-carotene is orange-yellow, and easily soluble in dichloromethane, chloroform, carbon disulfide, and other organic solvents. The solution is orange when the concentration increases, but slightly red because of the polarity of the solvent. Unstable in contact with oxygen, heat, and light. It's more stable in weak bases. In nature, it is the most stable natural pigment. So it can be used as a coloring additive, non-toxic and safe.




Assay of total carotenoid



Assay of Beta carotene



Physical & Chemical


Reddish-brown flowing powder


Loss on Drying




99.9% soluble


Heavy Metal







Microbiological Test

Total aerobic microbial Count



Mold and Yeast












Pseudomonas aeruginosa




Conform with USP 2022


Store in cool and dry places. Keep away from strong light and heat


By 25kgs/Drum, inner by double plastic bag

Shelf Life

24 months under the above condition, and in its original package

What are the benefits of Carrot extract powder?

1. Supplement the nutrition needed by the mortal body It's an necessary nutrient for the mortal body. You can gradationally be absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract to enhance your constitution.It has a good effect on disease infection caused by weight loss or the derivative of the body. Can maintain and promote immunity. Due to the transformation of carotene needles on many immune substances, it has a key role in replenishing carotene in time to improve its own immune function.

2. Improve vision: Carrot extract Powder plays an important role in the human body and is the ingredient required for the sensor in visual cells. Proper supplementation of carotene can improve visual function, make things clearer, protect vision, and prevent vision decline. During the supplementation of carotene, you need to protect your eyes. most

3. Beauty care: Severe skin aging, and excessive keratinization of skin and mucosa, can maintain the consistency of the skin and mucosa, and prevent the skin's mucosa from excessive keratinization. The skin is sagging. It can nourish subcutaneous cells and make the skin softer and smoother.

4. It can enhance the visual function of the eyes, relieve the blankness and discomfort of the eyes, and help night blindness and cataract.

5. Promote growth and development. Carotene helps cell proliferation and growth and promotes children's bones and teeth development.

Application of Carrot extract powder

1. Coloring agent:

Carotene has good coloring parcels, the coloring range is unheroic, and orange-red, with strong coloring power, and stable and invariant color.

2. Nutritional supplements:

Carotene is extensively used as a raw material for nutritive supplements in health foods. Carotene is converted into vitamin A by the body when demanded. Carotene has come a safe source of vitaminA.

3. Antioxidant:

Carotene is an excellent antioxidant. Carrot extract Powder has a synergistic effect with vitamin E and vitamin C. Their combination is called the" iron triangle" of antioxidants and has a strong antioxidant effect. Adding carotene to camo, cream and other cosmetics can make the color naturally rotund, nourish and cover the skin.

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