Eleutheroside powder

Source: Radix Acanthopanacis Senticosl
Molecular formula: C17H24O9
Molecular weight: 372.37
EINECS: 601-519-0
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Product Introduction

What is eleutheroside?

After research and analysis, the main ingredients contain: a variety of sugars, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B2 and a large amount of carotene; it also contains sesame lipids, sterols, coumarin, flavonoids, suberone, non-aromatic non-aromatic Saturated organic acids, and various trace minerals, etc. Acanthopanax Acanthopanax is carotene, which is also contained in ginseng. It can promote the excretion of cholesterol in the human body and prevent and treat high cholesterol levels in the blood. Acanthopanax Gan B is syringin, which is the main strong component of Acanthopanax. It has gonadotropin, anti-radiation, anti-fatigue and other effects, and has similar physiological activity to ginseng saponin.

Eleutheroside powder (Eleutheroside), also known as syringin powder, is the main active ingredient of Eleutheroside. It is a cyclic acetal derivative formed by the dehydration condensation of the hemiacetal hydroxyl group of sugar or sugar derivatives with the hydroxyl group of another non-sugar substance through an acetal bond (glycoside bond). It is isolated from Acanthopanax leaves. Thirteen kinds of triterpene saponins have oleanolic acid as the ligand or a monosaccharide chain or disaccharide chain connected to the oleanane-type ligand. Most of them use eleutheroside B and E as their extract standards. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it has the functions of benefiting qi and strengthening the spleen, tonifying the kidneys and calming the nerves, dispelling rheumatism, strengthening the muscles and bones, promoting blood circulation and promoting fatigue, tonifying the middle and replenishing essence, strengthening the mind and intelligence, strengthening the stomach and diuresis. Modern research has confirmed that Acanthopanax has the effects of anti-aging, anti-fatigue, and improving the body's resistance to harmful stimuli.

Eleutheroside powder

Nutritional value

Acanthopanax is rich in glycosides, flavonoids, lignans and polysaccharides; phenylpropanoid compounds, coumarin compounds and a small amount of betulinic acid, amygdalin, quercetin-rutin Sugar, ethyl oleate, sesamin, myristate palmitic acid, sterols and other active substances; contains 16 amino acids, 7 of which are essential for the human body, including K, Fe, Zn, Sr, Mn and Cu, Na, Ca, Trace elements such as Mg; most of the ingredients are necessary for the human body, but are difficult to obtain nutrients from daily diet.


Syringin powder has the effects of replenishing qi and strengthening the spleen, nourishing the kidneys and calming the nerves. It is mainly used for spleen and kidney yang deficiency, physical weakness, loss of appetite, soreness in the waist and knees, insomnia and dreaminess, etc. It is helpful for the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems, nervous system, endocrine system, immune function regulation, liver protection, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, lowering blood pressure, anti-stress, balancing nutrients in the body and promoting metabolism.

1. Effect on the nervous system

Bidirectionally regulates the central nervous system to bring it into balance. It can protect neurons, improve autonomic nervous system disorders, and calm the nerves. Studies have confirmed that Acanthopanax can increase the body's oxygen uptake by 8.2%, which is very helpful in improving sleep. The anti-hypoxic effect of total flavonoids of Acanthopanax has important application value in Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and depression.

2. The anti-fatigue effect is better than that of ginseng

The extracts and glycosides of Acanthopanax root have anti-fatigue effects. The effect of glycosides is stronger than that of extracts, and stronger than ginseng extract and ginsenosides. Therefore, the anti-fatigue effect of Acanthopanax is stronger than that of ginseng. Acanthopanax can stimulate mental and physical vitality. Numerous scientific publications on eleuthero have demonstrated its anti-fatigue effects, enhanced stamina and ability, and increased alertness and learning ability. Many uses have been confirmed in human experiments. Eleutherococcus is a very popular self-medication drug among people recovering from illness, experiencing physical weakness due to excessive stress or tension, overwork, and those who need to reach peak physical and mental performance.

3. Effect on the endocrine system

Acanthopanax contains Eleutheroside powder, which have a good effect on the adrenal glands and enhance the body's ability to resist adverse stimuli. Acanthopanax root extract and acanthopanax glycoside have gonadotropin effects, and their regulatory effects on the endocrine system are also reflected in regulating blood sugar and blood lipids, and improving oxygen free radical metabolism disorders in the body.

4. Anti-aging and antioxidant

As a traditional anti-aging traditional Chinese medicine, Acanthopanax has a positive role in regulating aging substances and improving the body's memory ability. Various active ingredients in different parts of Acanthopanax have antioxidant effects.

5. Enhance immunity

Acanthopanax contains a large amount of saponins, which have a variety of biological activities.

Medical experts have confirmed that saponins also have the effect of improving immunity.

The Acanthopanax polysaccharide extracted from Acanthopanax not only promotes the development of the body's immune organs, but also promotes monocyte proliferation, activates and enhances the immune function of macrophages, promotes the secretion of various cytokines, and at the same time enhances T, B lymphocyte function and killer cell activity.

On the other hand, Acanthopanax polysaccharide can activate NK (natural killer) cells and macrophages, play an important role in T and B cells, and enhance the body's immune function.

Flavonoids are mostly found in plants and can effectively fight viruses. They have been recognized by more and more authoritative institutions and experts in the medical field!

Modern pharmacological research has confirmed that all parts of Acanthopanax contain flavonoids, with the highest content in the leaves, and 9 flavonoids can be extracted. Therefore, the flavonoids in Acanthopanax have a wide range of pharmacological activities!

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