Ginkgo Leaf Extract Powder

Product Name:Ginkgo Leaf Extract Powder
Specifcation:4:1 8:1 or higher
Certifications:ISO9001 Kosher Halal HACCP
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Product Introduction

What is Ginkgo Leaf Extract Powder

Ginkgo Leaf Extract Powder is a kind of product that's amended by the effective factors uprooted from the leaves of ginkgo biloba.

The medicinal value and application of ginkgo leaf extract are very extensive. Adopted advanced technologies, processes, and equipment, through further extraction, separation, and purification, the more obvious pharmacological effects, in addition to significant antagonism PAF in vitro, can also in anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, dilate blood vessels, protect of heart head blood-vessel, improve peripheral blood circulation, reduce serum cholesterol and auxiliary anticancer efficacy, It can be widely used in the prevention and health care of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, nerves and other system diseases.

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Product Name

Ginkgo Leaf Extract Powder

Part Used

Leaf, Dry


Positive by TLC


Fine green to greenish brown powder with characteristic odor and taste


characteristic odor


100% pass 60 mesh

Loss on drying




Bulk density


Total Heavy metals




Arsenic (As)







Total plate count


Total Yeast & Mold





1. Improve Circulation

Ginkgo Leaf Extract Powder promotes rotation in both the brain and body. One of the main health benefits of Ginkgo bilobaP.E. is the inhibition of a substance called platelet- cranking factor( PAF), a medium released from cells that causes platelets to accumulate( pile up together). High situations of PAF can beget whim-whams cell damage, reduced blood inflow to the central nervous system, inflammation, and bronchial condensation. important like free revolutionaries, high PAF situations also contribute to aging. Ginkgolides and ginkgolides cover whim-whams cells in the central nervous system from damage during ischemia( lack of oxygen in body apkins). This function may be used as an spare remedy for cases suffering from stroke. In addition to inhibiting platelet adhesion, ginkgo biloba excerpts regulate vascular tone and pliantness. In other words, it makes blood vessels circulate more efficiently. This increase in circulatory effectiveness applies to both the large blood vessels( highways) and the small blood vessels( capillaries) in the circulatory system.

2. Antioxidant

Pure Ginkgo Extract may ply antioxidant parcels in the brain, retina and cardiovascular system. Its antioxidant goods in the brain and central nervous system may help help age- related decline in brain function. The antioxidant parcels of ginkgo biloba excerpt in the brain are of particular interest. The brain and central nervous system are particularly vulnerable to free radical attack. Brain damage caused by free revolutionaries is extensively believed to play a part in numerous of the conditions that accompany aging, including Alzheimer's complaint.

3. Anti-aging

It increases blood inflow to the brain and is an excellent alcohol for the nervous system. Hundreds of scientific studies involving knockouts of thousands of cases have verified the benefits of ginkgo biloba excerpt for problems ranging from poor blood inflow to internal decline in senior cases.

4. Combat dementia

Ginkgo was significantly more effective than placebo in improving memory and cognitive function.

5. Treatment of hypertension

Ginkgo splint excerpt can contemporaneously reduce the adverse goods of blood cholesterol, triglyceride, and veritably low- viscosity lipoprotein on the mortal body, reduce blood lipids, ameliorate microcirculation, and inhibit coagulation, which have significant remedial goods on hypertension.

6. Treatment of diabetes

Has been the use of ginkgo biloba excerpt in drug rather of insulin for diabetics use medicines, that ginkgo biloba have the function of insulin to regulate blood sugar, numerous of glucose forbearance test proved that ginkgo biloba excerpts to regulate blood sugar, and ameliorate insulin resistance, therefore reducing insulin antibodies, increase insulin perceptivity effect is egregious.


colorful medications made from ginkgo biloba splint excerpt are extensively used in drug, health care products, food complements, functional drinks, cosmetics and other fields.




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