Honokiol Powder

Foreign name: Honokiol
Molecular formula: C18H18O2
Molecular weight: 266.34
CAS: 35354-74-6
Specification: 98%
Packing: 1kg/aluminum foil bag; 5kg/carton; 25kg/cardboard drum (or according to customer requirements)
Storage conditions: This product should be kept in a sealed, shading, and dry place
Certification: ISO9001, ISO22000, Kosher, Halal, HACCP
Shipping speed: 1-3 days

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Product Introduction

What is Honokiol powder?

Honokiol powderis a natural plant component uprooted from the dinghy of Magnolia officinalis and Magnolia grandiflora trees. It's substantially composed of the phenolic emulsion honokiol, a natural product with colorful pharmacological conditioning and antioxidant parcels. High chastity active constituents are attained through professional birth processes. The birth styles include solvent birth, supercritical fluid birth,etc. to insure that the target constituents are effectively uprooted and their pharmacological exertion is retained. It's a natural product with colorful natural conditioning. Has a wide range of pharmacological conditioning. 

It has been extensively studied and proven to have colorful goods similar asanti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antidepressant, dreamy, vasodilator, and blood pressure lowering. It has strong antioxidant exertion, can scavenge free revolutionaries in the body and reduce oxidative stress damage to cells. The antioxidant effect can help ameliorate the tone- form capability of cells and delay the aging process of cells. It has wide operation eventuality in the fields of drug, health care products and cosmetics.

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What are the benefits of Natural Honokiol?

Anti-oxidize effect:

Honokiol Extract has strong antioxidant exertion, which can remove free revolutionaries in the body and reduce the damage to cells caused by oxidative stress. This helps cover cells from oxidative damage, slows down the cellular aging process, and reduces the threat of habitual complaint.

Anti-inflammatory effect:

It has a significant inhibitory effect on seditious responses. It can inhibit the release of seditious intercessors, reduce seditious symptoms and towel damage, and has certain remedial eventuality for inflammation- related conditions similar as arthritis, enteritis, dermatitis,etc.

Antidepressant effects:

It has a certain antidepressant effect, can regulate the balance of neurotransmitters, and ameliorate mood and internal state. This makes it possible to play a part in the treatment of depression and ameliorate symptoms similar as anxiety and pressure.

Sedative and hypnotic effects:

Has dreamy and narcotic parcels, promoting sleep and relieving wakefulness, anxiety and pressure. This makes it precious in sleep aid products or in the treatment of sleep diseases.

Antibacterial effect:

It has broad- diapason antibacterial exertion, can inhibit the growth and reduplication of a variety of bacteria, and also has a certain inhibitory effect on certain medicine- resistant strains. This gives it some eventuality in precluding and treating infections and perfecting impunity.

Anti-allergic effect:

It has certainanti-allergic exertion and can reduce antipathetic responses and perceptivity symptoms. This is helpful in the treatment of antipathetic conditions similar as antipathetic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis,etc.

What are the applications of Honokiol?

Drug field:

Honokiol Powder has a wide range of operations in the pharmaceutical field. Its-- excrescence and other pharmacological exertion make it an important element in the development of new drugs. At present, some studies have shown that it has implicit operation value in cardiovascular conditions, neurodegenerative conditions, etc. For illustration, it can be applied to the development ofanti- cancer- cardiovascular complaint drugs, and drugs for the prevention and treatment of neurological conditions analogous as Alzheimer's complaint.

Nutritional health products:

Its antioxidant,anti-inflammatory,anti-allergic and other functions make it one of the common constituents in nutritive supplements. There are numerous health care products on the request that use it as the main component, claiming to give antioxidants, regulate mood, promote sleep and other functions to meet people's requirements for health and heartiness.


It has antioxidant,anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and other goods, making it a exploration and development and operation field in the cosmetics assiduity. numerous ornamental brands add it to facial skin care products, poultices, masks, essentialities and other products as ananti-aging, skin soothing, and reducing seditious response component to meet consumers' requirements for beauty and skin care.

Sleep aid products:

Pure honokiol extract has dreamy and narcotic goods and is thus extensively used in the manufacture of sleep aid products. Some sleep- abetting herbal products and sleep aids are frequently added to help ameliorate sleep quality and relieve wakefulness, anxiety and other problems.

Beverage and food additives:

Due to its antioxidant and antimicrobial goods, some libation and food manufacturers use it as an cumulative. For illustration, it can be added to tea drinks, authorities, and health products to ameliorate the antioxidant capacity and quality stability of the products.

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Why choose us?

Professional knowledge and experience Yuantai Company is a company with rich professional knowledge and experience. We've numerous times of R&D and product experience in the field of factory birth, and have an in- depth understanding of the characteristics and operation fields of factory constituents. Our professional platoon is suitable to give high- quality pure honokiol and professional specialized support.

High Quality Products We're committed to furnishing high quality products. We use advanced product technology and strict quality control to insure the chastity, exertion and stability of our products. Our products misbehave with transnational norms and are tested and certified by third- party associations. Our thing is to give guests with dependable, safe, and effective products.

Natural health conception We forcefully believe that nature is the stylish drug. Our products are substantially deduced from natural shops and don't use any artificial substances. We concentrate on the environmental protection and sustainability of factory birth, and strive to retain the active constituents in shops and minimize the impact on the terrain. Our products are in line with ultramodern people's pursuit of health and environmental protection.

Innovative R&D capabilities Innovation is one of our company's core competitiveness. We've a strong R&D platoon that constantly explores and applies new technologies and styles. We cooperate with a number of exploration institutions and universities to conduct slice- edge scientific exploration and technological invention. This enables us to give competitive products and meet the requirements and changes of the request.

Customer first: Customers are our most important asset. We are always oriented to customer needs and provide personalized services and solutions. We focus on communication and cooperation with customers and listen to their opinions and feedback. We are committed to building long-term relationships and growing and developing with our customers.

Strict quality control: Quality is our lifeline. We strictly implement the quality management system throughout the entire production process to ensure that the quality of each batch of products is stable and reliable. Our factory meets standards and is ISO certified. Our products undergo multiple quality inspections to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

Diversified application fields: Our products are widely used in medicine, health products, cosmetics, food and beverages and other fields. We are able to provide customized products and solutions according to customer needs. Whether our customers are large businesses or individual consumers, we are able to meet their needs and provide quality services.


Yuantai Organic Bio is committed to furnishing guests with the highest- quality  Honokiol Powder and services so that every consumer can enjoy natural, healthy, and high- qualityfood.However, please feel free to communicate us, and we will reply to you as soon as possible, If you have any inquiries or requirements about our products.certificate.jpg

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