Lotus Leaf Extract

Botanical Source: Folium columbines
Active Ingredient:Nuciferin
CAS: 475-83-2
Test Method: HPLC
Appearance: Dark Brown Powder
Packing: 1kg/aluminum foil bag; 5kg/carton; 25kg/cardboard drum (or according to customer requirements)
Storage conditions: This product should be kept in a sealed, shading, and dry place
Certification: ISO9001, ISO22000, Kosher, Halal, HACCP
Shipping speed: 1-3 days

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Product Introduction

What is Lotus Leaf Extract powder?

Lotus Leaf Extract is a natural plant extract extracted from lotus leaves. It has a variety of biologically active ingredients and effects. Lotus leaf is the leaf of lotus flower (scientific name: Nelumbo nucifera). Through proper processing and extraction process, lotus leaf extract powder can be obtained. Generally, styles similar as soaking, solvent birth, and attention can be used to prize the active constituents in lotus leaves. 

Rich in a variety of active constituents, including flavonoids( similar as rutin, isoflavones), flavonoids, flavonols( similar as oxalate esters), terpenoids, etc. These constituents are believed to have colorful natural conditioning similar as antioxidant,anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, lowering blood lipids, inhibiting excrescence growth,etc., and are salutary to mortal health. It can help inhibit fat conflation and immersion, and promote fat corruption and metabolism, helping to regulate weight and ameliorate body shape.

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What are the benefits of Natural Lotus Leaf Powder?

Anti-oxidize effect

It's rich in active constituents similar as flavonoids, flavonoids and flavonols, and has strong antioxidant capacity. It can neutralize free revolutionaries, reduce oxidative stress damage to cells and tissues,help delay the aging process, and cover body health.

Hypolipidemic effect

Its oxalate and other factors are believed to have the effect of lowering blood lipids. It can reduce the accumulation of cholesterol, help the conformation of atherosclerosis, regulate blood lipid situations, and reduce the threat of cardiovascular complaint.


It's extensively used as a diuretic, which can promote the product and excretion of urine, help exclude waste and metabolic products in the body, and maintain the body's excretion function.

Antibacterial effect

Some of its factors have certain antibacterial exertion, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, and are helpful in precluding and treating affiliated infections.

Weight loss effect

It is considered to have certain weight loss effects. It can inhibit the synthesis and absorption of fat, promote the decomposition and metabolism of fat, and help control weight and improve body shape.

Anti-inflammatory effect

The active constituents in it haveanti-inflammatory parcels, which can relieve seditious responses and reduce the symptoms of inflammation- related conditions.

Protect the liver

Considered to have a defensive effect on the liver. It can reduce liver damage, promote the form and rejuvenescence of liver cells, and help maintain healthy liver function.

Improve cardiovascular function

It contains a variety of active constituents that can dilate blood vessels, promote blood rotation, lower blood pressure, and ameliorate cardiovascular function.

Skin care effect

It's extensively used in skin care products. It can relieve skin inflammation, inhibit the product of melanin, ameliorate uneven skin tone, purify the skin, and has soothing,anti-inflammatory, tangy and other goods.

What are the applications of Lotus Leaf Extract?

Food additives

1. Sugar substitute function: Its chlorophyll, flavonoids and other ingredients have sugar substitute function and can replace traditional sweeteners.Adding a small quantum of it during food processing can make the food taste more natural without adding fresh taste and texture.

2. Dairy products such as yogurt: It can also be used as a preservative and antioxidant in dairy products such as yogurt. By adding lotus leaf powder to yogurt or other dairy products, you can effectively maintain its freshness and quality and extend its shelf life.

3. Tea, beverages, etc.: It's also extensively used in tea, libation and other diligence. Tea and libation manufacturers can add it to increase the nutritive value and taste of their products, while also acting as a preservative and antioxidant.

4.Bread, confection and other baked goods It can also be used as a natural preservative and antioxidant in chuck , confection and other baked goods, effectively extending the shelf life of the product.

Health products

1. Blood lipid-lowering effect: Its oxalate and other ingredients can lower blood lipids, regulate blood pressure, and have preventive and auxiliary therapeutic effects on cardiovascular diseases, obesity, etc.

2. Promote metabolism: It can promote body metabolism, help eliminate waste and metabolic products in the body, and is beneficial to maintaining good health.

3. Beauty and beauty:Its multiple active constituents have good beauty and beauty goods, which can ameliorate skin quality, fade spots, reduce wrinkles,etc.

4. Protect the liver: It can cover the health of the liver, promote the form and rejuvenescence of liver cells, and reduce the symptoms of liver complaint.

5. Enhance immunity: Its various ingredients have good immunoregulatory effects, which can enhance human immunity and improve resistance.


1. Regulate skin oil secretion: Its oxalate and other ingredients can regulate skin oil secretion and help control skin problems caused by excessive oil secretion.

2. Moisturizing and moisturizing:Its mucus and other constituents have a veritably good moisturizing and moisturizing effect, which can enhance the skin's moisturizing capability and help the skin stay supple and supple.

3. Anti-inflammatory and soothing:Its multiple active constituents have goodanti-inflammatory and soothing goods, which can relieve skin inflammation and antipathetic responses and help ameliorate sensitive skin.

4. Whitening and lightening spots: Its multiple ingredients have good whitening effects and can lighten spots, brighten skin tone, and improve dullness.

5. Prevent skin aging:Its antioxidant constituents can neutralize free revolutionaries, delay the skin aging process, and maintain skin pliantness and smoothness.


1. Weight loss:Its oxalate and other constituents can promote the corruption and metabolism of fat, which is helpful in the treatment and control of rotundity.

2. Lower blood sugar:Its mucus and other factors can regulate blood sugar situations and have a certain supplementary remedial effect on diabetic cases.

3. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory:Some of its constituents have antibacterial andanti-inflammatory goods and can help and treat contagious conditions.


Yuantai's Lotus Leaf Extract has the following characteristics:

High Purity:Advanced extraction technology is used to ensure high purity and good quality of the product. After careful processing and screening, the active ingredient content in the extract is higher, which can maximize its effectiveness.

Natural and healthy:Choose high- quality lotus leaves as raw accoutrements , don't contain any chemical complements and synthetic substances, and maintain the natural attributes and health characteristics of the factory. thus, it's a natural and safe product suitable for use by all types of people.

Multiple effects:It's rich in a variety of active constituents, similar as oxalate, mucus, chlorophyll, flavonoids, etc. These constituents have the goods of lowering blood lipids, antioxidants, weight loss, health care, and regulating blood sugar. thus, it's extensively used in food, health products, cosmetics, drug and other fields.

Wide range of applications:It's extensively used in food, health care products, cosmetics and medicinal diligence. It can be used as a food cumulative for seasoning, preservatives and nutritive supplements; it can also be used as a health product for regulating blood lipids, controlling weight, beautifying,etc.; in addition, it can also be used in cosmetics for skin care, decolorizing,anti-aging and other fields.


Yuantai Organic Bio is committed to furnishing guests with the highest- quality Pure lotus leaf extract  and services so that every consumer can enjoy natural, healthy, and high- qualityfood.However, please feel free to communicate us, and we will reply to you as soon as possible, If you have any inquiries or requirements about our products.


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