Lycopene Extract Powder

Appearance: Reddish powder
Specification: 5%
Solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in chloroform, benzene, and oil
Melting point: 172 to 173°C
Boiling point: 644.94°C Characteristics: Unstable to light and oxygen, turns brown when transporting iron Density: 0.94 g/cm³
Chemical formula: C40H56
Safety description: S26 S36/37/39
Storage: Store in cool and dry places. Keep away from strong light and heat
Packing: By 25kgs/Drum, inner by double plastic bag

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Product Introduction

What is lycopene extract powder?


Lycopene extract powder is a natural pigment contained in plants and is one of the strongest antioxidants found in nature so far. It is mainly found in the ripe fruit of tomato, a plant of the family Solanaceae.It's presently the strongest antioxidant set up in nature. It has been scientifically proven that singlet oxygen and oxygen free revolutionaries in the mortal body are the principal lawbreakers of overrunning the mortal body's own vulnerable system. Lycopene is far superior to other carotenoids and vitamin E in scavenging free revolutionaries, and its singlet oxygen quenching rate constant is 100 times that of vitamin E. It can effectively help and treat colorful conditions caused by growing and dropped impunity.

Lycopene widely exists in the fruits or other tissues of plants in the valley, and the fruit has the highest content. Common tomatoes, carrots, watermelons, persimmons, cabbage, and red olive oil are rich in lycopene. Yuantai Organic is a leading professional company dedicated to natural organic food since 2014. We specialize in the production of lycopene.




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  • We cooperate with many natural raw material plant cultivation bases, which ensures the quality and diversity of our products.

  • We've our own plant, which enables us to control the product process and meet the specific requirements of our guests.

  • We support the customization of content and constituents, which allows us to produce unique and customized products for different purposes and requests.

  • We have mature transportation channels, which ensure the timely and safe delivery of our products to various destinations.

  • We have complete certificates that meet the quality inspection requirements of different countries, which demonstrate our professionalism and reliability.


Product Parameters






Lycopene Content




Physical & Chemical


Reddish powder

Reddish powder


Odor & Taste




Particle Size

98% through 80mesh



Extraction Solvent

Ethanol & Water



Loss on Drying








Solvents Residue

Meet USP standard


USP <476>

Pesticide Residue



USP <561>

Heavy Metal

















Microbiological Test

Total Plate Count




Mold and Yeast













Conform with specification, Non-irradiation, Non-GMO, Allergen Free, BSE/TSE Free


Store in cool and dry places. Keep away from strong light and heat


By 25kgs/Drum, inner by double plastic bag

Shelf Life

24 months under the above condition, and in its original package


What are the effects of lycopene?


  • Lower blood fat and blood pressure:

 In order to explore the effect of Lycopene Extract Powder on blood lipids, experimenters from each over the world have carried out a number of beast and population trials. Australian scientists collected 12 transnational studies on the goods of lycopene on blood lipids and blood pressure and set up that supplementing lycopene can inhibit the conformation of low- viscosity lipoprotein cholesterol oxidation products, help the circumstance of coronary heart complaint, and affect blood lipids and blood pressure. control plays a positive part. A Cambridge University study blazoned at the periodic meeting of the American Heart Association set up that Ateronon, the artificial lycopene recently developed by scientists, has unique goods in perfecting blood vessel pliantness and reducing arteriosclerosis.

Anti-oxidize effect:

lycopene excerpt greasepaint can most effectively remove free revolutionaries in the mortal body, maintain normal cell metabolism, and help aging. Known as the" gold hidden in tomatoes", it has been linked as a type A nutrient by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the Committee on Food Complements, and the World Health Organization. Scientists from the Duke Medical Research Center in the United States, after recapitulating the transnational exploration on lycopene enhancing the body's antioxidant capacity, refocused out that long- term supplementation of lycopene( 25- 30 mg/ d) can enhance the antioxidant position and ameliorate the body's antioxidant capacity.Protect the skin

Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays can lead to varying degrees of skin damage, resulting in erythema, accelerating the formation of wrinkles, pigmentation, and even skin cancer. The reason is that ultraviolet rays can generate singlet oxygen and free radicals in the skin. Lycopene can effectively destroy singlet oxygen in the skin and combine with free radicals to protect skin tissue from damage. It also has a significant fading effect on age spots.

Protects the nervous system

The brain is an organ that consumes a lot of oxygen. Excessive reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress can lead to many neurological diseases. Oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction are the main pathogenesis of common neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and Huntington's disease. Tomato Extract Lycopene can slow down nerve damage through related pathways. Epidemiological studies have confirmed that long-term intake of foods rich in lycopene can effectively improve the cognitive and memory abilities of the elderly. Lycopene has the effect of preventing neurodegenerative diseases. Occurs or develops.

Lycopene Absorption Process

It predominantly goes through three phases, including discharge from the food network, disintegration into fat particles, and micellization. Chewing and enzymatically digesting carbohydrates like starch and a small amount of fat (less than 10%) promote the release of lycopene and fat in the oral cavity and gastric digestion stages. The released lycopene dissolves in fat particles and travels through the stomach through peristalsis to form emulsified oil. Subsequent to entering the duodenum, because of the activity of bile salts, the emulsified fat particles are diminished, the fat is processed by lipase, and lycopene is delivered. Micellized particles are the result of released lycopene, bile salts, and digested cholesterol. The review has demonstrated the way that long-chain fatty oils can advance the arrangement of micellar particles more actually than medium-chain and short-chain fatty oils, and micellized lycopene can tie to the vehicle protein SR-B1 and be consumed by gastrointestinal epithelial cells, and hence be used by the human body. The arrival of Lycopene 10 Powder from chromoplasts, fat-subordinate emulsification, and micelle arrangement of lycopene are significant restricting variables for lycopene bioavailability. Hence, factors that can build the productivity of the lycopene assimilation stage can all add to the improvement of the bioavailability of lycopene.


Lycopene Absorption .jpg


Application of lycopene

1. Softgels

The tomato natural product is pressed, the seed dinner is utilized to crush the tomato seed oil, and other mash glue and strip glue are pretreated and splash dried to get a dry powder, separated, refined, thought, and freshened up to get a concentrated concentrate of lycopene. In order to produce finished lycopene soft capsules, ingredients containing vegetable oil are added to the product, wall components are prepared, and pellets are pressed, shaped, and dried.

2. Additive Other options

Oxidation frequently alters the flavor and color of food materials during long-term transportation and storage of meat products. Nitrite is frequently used to stop microorganisms from growing, extend the shelf life, and prevent spoilage. Nitrite is a carcinogen, according to studies, but Lycopene 10 Powder, a red pigment with strong antioxidant properties, can be used in its place. It is a novel and superior coloring and preservative agent. Add tomato Red shade items can decrease the pH of meat items, in order to restrain the development of microbes and keep new.

3. Applied to utilitarian beverages

In food and drinks, lycopene has gotten "novel food" endorsement in Europe and GRAS (by and large perceived as protected) status in the US, with non-cocktails being the most well-known. GNPD information shows that there are 20 new items: 7 in the field of bread, breakfast grains, and so on.; 7 in the field of eggs, fish, and processed meats; 7 in the dairy products industry; 6 in the field of chocolate and candy; 5 types; Ice cream and five desserts. Applying it to dairy items keeps up with the sustenance of dairy items as well as improves its medical services capabilities.




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With people's attention to dietary health, natural lycopene is becoming more and more popular. In addition, it has also attracted much attention in terms of feed additives. Studies have shown that lycopene used in aquaculture can make aquatic animals bright in color and improve in quality; mixed with lutein to make carotenoid preparations, it can prevent the lack of vitamins in animals. Innovative products in various fields are constantly emerging, and natural Lycopene has a good application prospect. If you want to get more information about lycopene extract powder, you can contact us as follows:


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