Seabuckthorn Flavone

Product name: Sea buckthorn flavone
Source: sea buckthorn
Grade: Medicine, health care, food
Packing: 1kg/aluminum foil bag; 5kg/carton; 25kg/cardboard drum (or according to customer requirements) Storage
conditions: This product should be kept in a sealed, shading, and dry place
Certification: ISO9001, ISO22000, Kosher, Halal, HACCP
Shipping speed: 1-3 days

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Product Introduction

What is Seabuckthorn flavone?

Seabuckthorn flavone is a natural plant extract made from flavonoids in seabuckthorn leaves and fruits through professional birth, separation, sanctification and other processes. It has a variety of biologically active constituents and is extensively used in food, health products, medicinals, and other fields. Rich in flavonoids. They have various functions such as anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, cardiovascular protection, immunity enhancement, lowering blood sugar and blood fat, and promoting wound healing. To provide products of different specifications according to customer needs.

 It can maintain the original goods of flavonoids and has been proven by clinical trials to have good stability and can give consumers with further stable health goods. It's believed to have numerous health benefits, including boosting impunity, reducing inflammation, and promoting heart health. It's rich in vitamin C, which helps boost the vulnerable system and fight free radical damage. In addition, ocean buckthorn fruit powder also contains antioxidants similar as superoxide dismutase( SOD) and glutathione, which help cover the body from oxidative stress and inflammation.


What are the benefits of Natural Seabuckthorn flavone powder?

Antioxidant effect: Rich in flavonoids, these composites have important antioxidant capabilities, can neutralize free revolutionaries in the body, reduce oxidative stress damage to cells, and cover cells from oxidation and free radical damage.

Promote immunity: It can enhance the function of the vulnerable system, regulate the exertion of vulnerable cells, ameliorate the body's resistance, and reduce the threat of infection and complaint.

Cardiovascular protection: It has the effect of lowering cholesterol and triacylglycerol situations, and can help the circumstance of atherosclerosis. In addition, it can dilate blood vessels, ameliorate blood rotation, lower blood pressure, and reduce the threat of cardiovascular complaint.

Anti-inflammatory effect:It has significantanti-inflammatory effect, can inhibit the seditious response and the release of seditious factors, and reduce the discomfort and pain caused by inflammation.

Lower blood sugar and blood lipids:It can lower blood sugar and blood lipid situations, ameliorate insulin perceptivity, and help control the circumstance and development of diabetes and hyperlipidemia.

Skin health care:It can promote crack mending, has antibacterial andanti-inflammatory goods, can ameliorate skin inflammation, eczema, sunburn and other skin problems, making the skin healthier and smoother.

What are the applications of Sea buckthorn flavone?

Food field:

It can be used as a natural food cumulative and is extensively used in colorful food product, similar as oral liquid, wheat flour, peanut adulation, afters , biscuits, potables, dairy products, etc. By adding it, the product has a variety of health functions, similar as enhancing impunity, promoting digestion, guarding cardiovascular systems, antioxidants,etc.

Health products field:

As one of the raw accoutrements of health products, it's veritably popular. It can be made into oral liquid, capsules, tablets and other forms to ameliorate impunity, cover cardiovascular, lower blood fat and blood sugar, reduce inflammation, etc. In addition, it can be combined with other plant extracts through colorful formulas to enhance its effect, similar as mixed with plant extracts similar as dandelion, which has diuretic and detoxifying goods.

Pharmaceutical field:

As an effective natural drug, it's gradationally used in the treatment of colorful conditions. For illustration, it can be used in the treatment of diabetes, coronary heart complaint, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, liver complaint and other conditions. At the same time, it has good safety and tolerability, and won't beget serious side goods.

Cosmetics and personal care products sector:

Seabuckthorn Flavone can be used in the product of cosmetics and particular care products, similar as facial cleaner, facial cream, skin care products, oral care, etc. It's rich in colorful antioxidants similar as vitamin C and carotenoids, which can ameliorate the radiance, pliantness and firmness of the skin; at the same time, it's rich in colorful nutrients, which can promote the growth and health of hair.

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Yuantai seabuckthorn flavonoid powder has several distinctive features that are different from other products on the market:

High-Quality Sourcing:Derived from premium Sea Buckthorn plants.The sourcing process includes careful selection of raw accoutrements , icing they're grown in a pollution-free terrain and gathered at the optimal stage of maturity to maximize nutritive content.

Rich in bioactive compounds: Rich in bioactive composites similar as flavonoids, vitamins( especially vitamin C), carotenoids, amino acids and minerals, which contribute to its health. These composites have strong antioxidant parcels that help cover the body from oxidative stress and support overall health.

Multiple Health Benefits:It helps strengthen the vulnerable system, enhances cardiovascular health, lowers blood sugar and blood lipid situations, promotesanti-inflammatory goods, and supports excrescence repression. These benefits make it a precious component in a variety of health products.

Standardized production process: Yuantai follows a strict production process to ensure consistent product quality and efficacy. From raw material selection to extraction, purification and formulation, standardized procedures are followed at every step to ensure the final product meets the highest quality standards.

Safety and compliance:Yuantai attaches great importance to product safety and regulatory compliance. It undergoes stringent quality control measures, including testing for heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants, to ensure it meets strict safety standards. This commitment to safety ensures that consumers can trust and rely on the integrity of Yuantai products.


Yuantai Organic Bio is committed to providing customers with the highest-quality Pure Seabuckthorn flavone bulk and services so that every consumer can enjoy natural, healthy, and high-quality food. If you have any inquiries or needs about our products, please feel free to contact us, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.


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