Does Grape Seed Proanthocyanidins Good For Human?

Grape seed proanthocyanidins are oligomers and multimers composed of polyhydroxyflavane-3-ol units, which are combined with different amounts of catechins or epicatechins.The simplest proanthocyanidins are the dimer formed by catechin or epicatechin and epicatechin. In addition, there are trimers, tetramers, and so on up to decamer. Two - to tetramers are usually called pracyanidolic oligomers according to the size of the polymer degree,and the pentamer is called procyanidolic polymers. Three monomers, 14 dimers and 11 trimers have been identified.

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What does Grape Seed Extract Proanthocyanidins do ?

1. Antioxidant function : In the 1980 s, the French academy of sciences graduate school Dr musqueam Who did the radical scavenging activity of grape seed OPC experiment, the results showed that free radical oxidation resistance of grape seed OPC is 20 times of vitamin C, vitamin E 50 times, was ever found one of the most powerful free radical scavenger, especially its body activity, No other antioxidant can match it.

2. Cardiovascular protection : Since free radicals and oxidative stress are important causes of many cardiovascular diseases, and GSP intake provides powerful antioxidant support to the body, GSPE has a broad cardiovascular protective effect. Studies have shown that GSPE can significantly improve left ventricular function after cardiac ischemia-reperfusion, reduce the size of myocardial infarction, reduce the incidence of ventricular fibrillation, and reduce the levels of reactive toxin (ROS) and malondialdehyde (MDA) in coronary effluent. GAPE can also increase the level of NO and vasodilation (EDR) by stimulating the activity of nitric oxide synthase (NOS).These studies indicate that GSPE has a variety of different cardiovascular protective mechanisms, and also suggest that GSPE will be a potential plant-based drug to promote cardiovascular health.

3. Anti tumor effect : The anti-cancer effect of grape seed extract proanthocyanidins has been reported in many studies at home and abroad. GSPE can induce the shedding and apoptosis of McF-t cells in mammary stage, and GSPE can significantly inhibit the induction of ornithine decarboxylase activity by the cancer promoter crton oil, and prevent precancerous lesions

4. Anti diabetic effect : GSP can significantly reduce alloxan induced hyperglycemia, and the hypoglycemic effect of GSP is accompanied by a significant increase in serum insulin level.

5. Anti aging effect : Aging is a complex multifactorial process characterized by physiological and biochemical damage to cell function, which is closely related to increased production of free radicals. Studies have shown that GSP is an effective anti-aging drug that can prevent the reduction of cell surface charge associated with oxidative stress, thereby preserving the function of cell membrane integrity in aged erythrocytes.

6. Resistance to mutation : Grape seed extract proanthocyanidins can effectively reduce the incidence of mitochondrial mutations. At 0, 0.25, 0.5mg/ml, the nucleus mutation rate is 1.95 * 10(-8), 0.25 * 10(-8), 11 * 10(-8). The ratio of the control group to the experimental group was 1, 0.12 and 0.08, respectively. The nuclear mutation rate of the experimental group was reduced by 88%-92%.

7. Resistance to radiation : The research results show that irradiation plus oral high dose grape seed extract tumor inhibition rate is higher than pure exposure group and simple oral group, pure light group of white blood cells base is lower than other groups compared to not exposure group, the irradiation group had elevated levels of MDA, and the body to produce endogenous free radicals caused lipid peroxidation to strengthen, the oxidation products accumulate in the body.Grape seed extract could decrease MDA level, and the higher the dose, the greater the decrease.

8. Skin beauty and health care : Grape seed anthocyanins are known as "skin vitamins" and "oral cosmetics" in Europe and America.OPC has anti-wrinkle effect, because it can maintain collagen synthesis and inhibit elastase, assist the body to protect collagen, improve skin elasticity, improve skin healthy circulation, so as to reduce or avoid the generation of wrinkles.OPC also inhibited tyrosinase activity. The phthalinone structure of melanin is reduced to phenolic structure, so that the pigment fades; It can inhibit the Maillard reaction of protein amino group and nucleic acid amino group, so as to inhibit the formation of lipofuscin and senile plaques. Can have synergistic effect between and vitamin C and vitamin E, thus has bask in the white and white function. In addition, grape seed OPC also has convergence and moisturizing effects.

9. Other effect :In addition, with the continuous in-depth research on grape seed OPC, it has been found that it also has a variety of effects such as reducing capillary permeability, inhibiting enzyme activity, antiviral and antifungal activity, anti-allergy, improving visual fatigue, promoting bone formation and so on. In grape seed extracts from zhongyuan anthocyanins health care efficacy is used widely, its effect is based on the can remove the antioxidant capacity of free radicals, in addition it also has good bioavailability, easy to combine with collagen, the stability of cell membrane activity, the efficacy of synergy, the grape seed OPC has very good prospects for development.

What are the Grape Seed Proanthocyanidins main application area ?

1. Application in cosmetics :The anti-wrinkle, whitening, moisturizing and anti-radiation effects of proanthocyanidins have opened up a broad prospect in the field of cosmetics.In France, the liposome microcapsule night cream hair lotion and mouthwash made of anthocyanin oligomer system have been developed. In order to make the active ingredient is easy to through the skin cutin layer, the Italian Indena company in five years the successful development in phospholipid (natural phospholipids or synthetic phospholipids) as the carrier of functional cosmetics, commodity name Phytosome, this product contain procyanidins dimers, used for anti-inflammatory and improve skin microcirculation, the cosmetics have very good protection uv damage.Meanwhile, Japanese company Yamaskosh also developed oily cosmetics containing 1% proanthocyanidin oligomer to make skin bright and clean at the end of last century.

2. Application in healthy food : Grape seed proanthocyanidins are very good antioxidants, with anti-aging, cardiovascular disease prevention, anti-tumor and other health effects, has received more and more attention.For example, Amway Company and Avon Company successively launched healthy food with grape seed procyanidins as raw materials. At present, grape seed procyanidins can be found on sale at any health food sales counter in the market.

3. Application in the field of medicine : Since the 1960s, physicians in Europe have known GSPE to treat hay fever and allergies with satisfactory results. In the early 1980s, GSPE was used in France to treat microcirculation diseases such as capillary embrittlement, chronic peripheral venous insufficiency and retinal microangiopathy. Recent studies have shown that GSPE is one of the strongest free radical scavenger antioxidants, which protects against more than 80 free radical related diseases, including heart disease, cancer and arthritis. At present, GSPE has been sold as a general medicine in France, Italy and other European countries; It is sold as a nutritional supplement in the United States and Japan.There have been many commercial brand GSPE health food listed in China. At present, with the improvement of separation and detection technology, the composition of procyanidin oligomers is clear and controllable, and natural medicines with grapeseed procyanidin oligomers as raw materials will have great market potential and development prospects.

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