Industry Knowledge Of Black Fungus Extract

1. Product introduction

Black fungus extract is made from the best-dried fungus as raw material through technological fermentation and extraction. Auricularia auricula extract is rich in auricularia auricula polysaccharide, which is composed of some monosaccharides such as L-fucose, L-arabinose, D-xylose, D-mannose, D-glucose and glucuronic acid.

Black fungus is sweet, peaceful, and free of toxins. It can tonify Qi and blood, cool blood and stop bleeding, moisten lungs and stomach, moisten dryness and benefit the intestine, relax tendons and activate collateralized, light body, and strong will. Treatment of blood deficiency qi deficiency, lung deficiency cough, postpartum weakness.

Black fungus contains eight kinds of amino acids and vitamins necessary for the human body, which has high nutritional value and high medicinal value. Black fungus is rich in gum, which has a good moisturizing effect on the human digestive system, clearing the esophagus, washing the intestine, moistening the lungs, reducing blood clots, alleviating coronary atherosclerosis, and reducing thrombosis. Polysaccharides in auricularia auriculata have a certain effect on the prevention of human tumors and are also essential health food for workers in the textile industry, hair-cutting industry, and high dust working conditions in mines.

2. Product function

Impact on the blood system

(1) Anticoagulant effect. (2) Anti-platelet aggregation. (3) Anti-thrombosis. (4) Auricularia polysaccharide has a better effect on the decrease of leukocytes caused by cyclophosphamide.

Promoting the immune function

Black fungus polysaccharides can increase half of the hemolytic value and rosette formation rate, and promote macrophage phagocytosis and lymphocyte transformation. The percentage of T lymphocytes can be significantly increased.

Effects on nucleic acid and protein Biosynthesis

Auriculas auricula polysaccharide significantly promoted the synthesis of DNA and RNA in human lymphocytes.

Reduce blood lipids and anti-atherosclerosis

Agricultural polysaccharide can significantly reduce the content of high fat and total cholesterol in serum, increase the ratio of serum high-density lipoprotein cholesterol to total cholesterol, and has the effect of lowering cholesterol.

Slow down aging

It can reduce atherosclerosis, reduce liver, heart, and brain tissue lipofuscin, plasma lipid peroxidation, and plasma cholesterol content, and has the effect of alleviating atherosclerotic lesions.

Anti-inflammatory effect

The experiment showed that intraperitoneal injection of auricularia polysaccharides had certain anti-inflammatory effects on swelling.

Anti-ulcer effect

Auricularia polysaccharide could significantly inhibit the formation of stress ulcers. There was no significant effect on gastric acid secretion and pepsin activity.

Hypoglycemic effect

The results showed that auricularia polysaccharides could significantly reduce the blood glucose level of fluorouracil diabetes mellitus, and the effect of 4 ~ 7 hours after oral polysaccharide was the most significant. It also reduces the amount of water people with diabetes drink.

3. Product application

Health care product

Black fungus extract is rich in nutrition and has significant efficacy. It can be used as an added raw material for various healthcare products. It has a great effect on people with low immunity, frequent use of computers, iron deficiency anemia patients and cardiovascular disease patients, especially those who live and work in a highly polluted environment.

Functional food

The content of iron in fungus is very rich, so often eating fungus can nourish blood in the skin, make the skin rosy, and glowing, and can improve people's spirit. So it can be used as a food additive and added to functional foods.

4. Specification parameter

Black fungus is praised by nutritionists as "the meat of vegetarians" and "the king of vegetarians". Every 100 grams of black fungus contains 10.6g of protein, 65g of carbohydrates, 7.0g of crude fiber, 0.2g of fat, 357mg of calcium, 201mg of phosphorus, 185mg of iron. It also contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, carotene, and niacin and other vitamins and inorganic salts [1], containing mannan, mannose, glucose, xylose, glucuronic acid, and other carbohydrates and important organic compounds such as lecithin and phosphoric acid, among which 18 amino acids 8 amino acids are necessary for the human body. The iron content of black fungus is 100 times higher than that of meat, the calcium content is 30-70 times higher than that of meat, and the mineral content is 4-10 times higher than that of ordinary rice, noodles, and vegetables. So it is a very good natural blood tonic food.

[Product composition]: Polysaccharide

[Product specification]: 10%-50%

[Detection method]: HPLC

[Product appearance]: Brown powder

[Storage conditions]: Store in a cool and dry place, away from light and high temperatures.

Warranty period: 24 months

[Extraction source]: black fungus.

5. Comparison of similar products

Comparison of fucoidan polysaccharide and black fungus extract

Different sources

Algae polysaccharide is a kind of polysaccharide extracted from seaweed, and black fungus extract is extracted from black fungus.

Different composition

The components of seaweed polysaccharides include:

Fucose, sulfate, other monosaccharides (e.g., mannose, galactose, glucose, etc.), uronic acid, acetyl, and protein. The polysaccharide of different brown algae has a different structure and may have different composition and properties. And black fungus extract ingredients are very different,

Functionally similar

Antioxidants, black fungus extract, and fucoid polysaccharides have good antioxidant capacity. Polyphenols are powerful free radical scavengers that can remove free radicals in the body, reduce oxidative damage, and also increase the activity of antioxidant enzymes in the body to improve the body's antioxidant capacity.

To lower blood sugar, black fungus extract, and seaweed polysaccharide can inhibit the activity of glycogen as and reduce the release of blood sugar by the liver, thus lowering blood sugar levels. It can also boost insulin production and help lower blood sugar levels.

Immune regulation, seaweed polysaccharides can enhance human immune function, and promote the activation and proliferation of macrophages, thereby helping to enhance the resistance to pathogenic microorganisms. It can also promote the differentiation and proliferation of immune cells, regulate the immune balance, and prevent the immune system from over-activation or over-inhibition. But black fungus extract has no immunomodulatory function

6. Industry development prospect

The Chinese people have been eating and using black fungus for thousands of years. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to healthy diets, from medicine to food therapy. Black fungus medicine and food have the same origin, which can not only meet people's needs for food, and long-term consumption but also prevent and slow down hypertension and hyperlipidemia and other diseases, so black fungus is more and more loved by consumers.

In recent years, the special role of some components in black fungus has also been recognized. With the increasing application of black fungus, the research on its special components has been further deepened. At the same time, it is also loved by many foreign customers, and a large number of black fungus extracts are exported every year.

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