Pea Protein, The Pioneer Of Plant Protein After Soybean Protein

What is organic pea protein?

Organic pea protein, which is usually sold as a powder supplement, is made from protein extracted from organic yellow peas , is a high quality protein, meaning it is well absorbed and is also a great source of iron, which makes pea protein useful for muscle growth and weight loss. 

Organic pea protein is also a convenient and versatile protein that can be added to smoothies and shakes to balance flavors and boost protein content. Pea protein is less allergenic than dairy products and is less likely to cause potential allergic reactions.

Organic pea protein has nine essential amino acids that the body needs, but it is low in methionine, an amino acid found mainly in meat, fish and dairy products, so if you eat a plant-based diet, you can make up for it by adding nuts, beans and helveratrol, among other things. Studies have also shown that pea protein is easier to digest than soy and chickpea protein.

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Who is suitable to take organic pea protein?

Organic pea protein can be taken by people with almost any diet, including the following:

1. Vegetarians, because they can't get protein from meat and dairy products

2. Anyone with an allergy or intolerance to milk

3. People who are allergic to peanuts or nuts

4. People who are allergic to wheat and soy

5. Anyone wishing to add extra protein to their diet

Benefits of pea protein 

1. Source of plant protein 

Whether you're a vegetarian or just looking to add more plant-based options to your diet, organic pea protein is an ideal protein powder supplement. It's made from organic yellow peas and is an ideal vegan-friendly choice.

2. Promotes muscle growth

A study of pea protein and dairy protein powder found that combining pea protein with antagonistic training effectively increased muscle mass. That's good news for sports fans looking to add more plant-based protein to their diets. 

3. Make you feel fuller

Increasing your protein intake while losing weight will help keep you full for longer. Studies have shown that eating a lot of protein can help you lose weight.

Organic pea protein is a good protein supplement to add to your diet to help you lose weight, especially if you want to stick to a vegetarian diet.

4. Rich in arginine 

Organic pea protein is rich in arginine, a very beneficial amino acid that promotes muscle growth. Arginine levels usually decrease after illness or in response to stress and elevated cortisol levels, and arginine supplementation has been shown to help prevent exercise-induced stress in low-arginine diets. Pea protein supplements are a good way to replenish arginine and promote muscle growth. 

5. Rich in amino acids

Organic pea protein is classified as a complete protein, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids that help build protein molecules. As mentioned above, the methionine content is low, so you may want to supplement it with brown rice, nuts, or beans.

6. Slow digestion

Pea protein is known to be digested much more slowly than whey protein, but much faster than casein. Depending on when you plan to take protein, choosing pea protein before bed can be beneficial as it helps promote the slow and constant release of amino acids while you sleep, making it a good substitute for casein.

Nutrition of organic pea protein

With 22 grams of protein for every 30 grams of pea protein, this is an excellent supplement to help you meet your daily protein requirements. It's also low in carbs and fat, and you can snack on it between meals to help curb your appetite, as a small way to control your caloric diet.

Pea protein contains 3.5 grams of fiber per serving, which can help increase an adult's dietary fiber intake to the recommended 30 grams of fiber per day. Especially for those who don't want to eat soy or dairy, pea protein is an excellent substitute.

Our pea protein isolate comes in powder form and is available in both plain and delicious chocolate, coffee and walnut, turmeric latte, strawberry and banana flavors. You can choose to add it to smoothies and porridge, or even delicious foods, to boost the protein content.

Organic pea protein is a high quality and easily digestible plant-based supplement that can help anyone increase their protein intake. At the same time, it is rich in amino acids, which help to increase the sense of satiety of muscle, conducive to muscle growth. Pea protein is a versatile supplement that works for most people, including those with vegetarian, gluten or dairy allergy intolerances, and is a very popular sports protein supplement.

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