What Does Deer Antler Extract Do?

What does deer antler extract do?

Deer antler extract is a substance extracted from the cartilage tissue of the antlers, which can be used for human nutrition and medicinal purposes. The removal of antlers is usually performed in anesthesia, which is human and safe for animals. After the antlers are removed, they will grow again within a few weeks, because the male deer will update the cartilage of the antlers regularly. Deer antler cartilage contains minerals, growth hormones, and glycosamine. Once the organization is harvested and made into powder or capsule form, velvet antler extracts are used as supplements.

Before selling to humans, the antlers should be detected by bacteria. Organic grape alcohol is often used to extract the process. It is believed that when used as a spray, grape alcohol can improve the absorption of velvet antler extract.

Antlers contain amino acids, which are necessary for many important functions of the human body. Deer antler extract also contains prostaglandins and has anti-inflammatory effects. When it is made into an antler extract, this dietary supplement can be used to treat various diseases.

The trace elements and other elements include calcium, magnesium, zinc, and potassium. Collagen is another ingredient in the antler essence. This protein helps promote the health of the skin, nails, and hair.

For centuries, Asians have used velvet antler extracts as health products. Experts claim that using this extract can obtain extensive health benefits. Many people use velvet antler extract to improve joint health and flexibility or ease arthritis, globalists and tendonitis. Some people use this extract as a tonic to prevent diseases such as colds and flu. Athletes professional use velvet essence to improve endurance and endurance.

Many medical experts believe that deer antler extracts can also enhance the immune system and slow down the aging process. Many people also think it can improve skin tone and color, help regulate blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol. In addition to powder or capsules, the extract can also be in the form of ingot and liquid.

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What are the effects of antler extract?

1. Effect on the nervous system: It can enhance the tension of the sub -sympathetic nerve endings, promote the restoration of the nervous system and improve the function of the nerve and muscle system, and at the same time excite the sympathetic nerves.

2. Effect on the cardiovascular system: Large-dose velvet antlers can reduce blood pressure, make the heart contraction amplitude lower, slower heart rate, and peripheral vascular expansion. The medium dose can cause a significant enhancement of heart contraction, increase the scale of contraction, and accelerate the heart rate, which increases the output of the heart; the deer antler particularly has a particularly significant effect on the fatigue of fatigue.

3. Effect on sexual function: Deer antler extract can not only increase the concentration of plasma testosterone but also increase the concentration of luteal formation (LH). Therefore, the treatment of deer antlers for adolescence and the treatment of prostate atrophy in the elderly age is effective; it is effective for the treatment of female menopausal disorders.

4. The strong effect of velvet antler: Dealer essence has a strong anti-fatigue effect, can enhance cold resistance, accelerate trauma healing and stimulate adrenal cortex function. Therefore, the antler is a traditional tonic medicine, which is used to strengthen and nourish the kidneys, and Yiyang.

5. Effect on blood composition: increase blood protein in the blood, so it is extremely effective for patients with a large number of bleeding and at the end of the infection, especially the treatment of aging patients.

6. It can excite the intestinal tube and uterus, and enhance the diuretic function of the kidneys: velvet antler benefits women and children. The calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and other inorganic elements contained in the body are involved in the metabolism of the body's calcium and phosphorus and multiple enzymes. It has a positive effect on promoting calcium absorption, bone growth, and enhancing heart and muscle function. Especially magnesium ions, it has complex functions and is an indispensable material for prolonging life.

7. Other functions: Some effective ingredients in velvet antlers can inhibit MA. -B activity, so it has anti-aging effects; deer antler has antioxidant effects, enhances gastrointestinal motility, and promotes secretion function; in addition, antler essence can also enhance the body's immune function.

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