What Is Brown Rice Protein?

What is brown rice protein powder?

Brown rice protein powder has been replaced by milk protein for a long time, becoming the most popular form of protein powder, but it has recently been a more popular vegetarian protein powder as a top product, especially because of the rich or complete plant diet of plants.

Scientific support of this claim -2013 Nutrition Magazine Research -brown rice protein is as effective as replenishing physical composition and exercise performance. Crown rice protein is rich in incredible antioxidants and nutritional components, which helps to lose weight. This is a perfect protein supplement. It is also based on the powder brand you choose, and its nutritional value has changed slightly.

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The effect of brown rice protein powder on muscle increase

Wanting muscle growth, protein is the most important nutrient, because protein can directly participate in muscle synthesis. Meat, fish, eggs, milk, and plant foods such as beans (such as lentils, beans and peas), nuts and grains are all high -quality protein sources, which can meet the nutritional needs of your body and muscles, so that muscles can be more able Good growth.

In addition to arranging a reasonable diet plan, people who want to maximize muscle growth and enclosion may also take supplements. There are many types of muscle increases on the market, and supplements can provide you with sufficient energy during your training, before training, and after training.

Of course, protein supplements cannot replace food, but it can be used as a diet to help you achieve training goals. Motor supplements are the most effective in the following circumstances:

1. When you find it difficult to eat enough protein and calories you planned

2. Every time you need to recover quickly

3. If your schedule is tight, it can be used as your meal

The most suitable supplement for muscle enhancement period:

1. Protein powder

Protein is a macromolecular composed of amino acids. It is the cornerstone of human muscle synthesis, DNA replication and catalytic metabolic reactions. The human body can synthesize some amino acids, but it does not synthesize all amino acids, so we need to consume protein in daily diet.

2. Milky protein and casein

Different milk protein is different from other protein supplements that whey protein is the fastest protein that can be absorbed and can help muscle recovery quickly.

Milky protein is separated during the process of cheese making. It only contains low fat and carbohydrates. At the same time, it contains high content of amino acids, especially the branches of amino acids, which is very important for muscle growth.

Those who consume milk before and after training are faster than those who do not drink tonic.

3. Vegetarian protein powder

Vegetarian protein powder mainly includes pea protein, hemp protein, and brown rice protein powder. The degree of digestion, amino acid types, fiber content, and fatty acid content of each species are different. Essence

Vegetarian mixture is a mixture of pea protein, brown rice protein, and hemp protein. It can provide sufficient amount of amino acids to help muscle growth and assist your daily diet.

4. Blind chain amino acid

Protein is a macromolecular composed of amino acids. BCAA represents a component of 30%of muscle protein. They are very important for muscle growth.

The branches of amino acids are composed of glitine, heterogeneity, and pyrinoine. They are responsible for muscle protein synthesis together, which is the process of generating new proteins to repair muscle fibers. Without a sufficient amount of branches of amino acids, the body will not completely repair damaged fibers, which will affect muscle growth.

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What are the benefits of brown rice protein?

1. Protein supplements support weight loss by accelerating metabolism and reducing food intake. But more importantly, recent studies have shown that brown rice protein especially includes unique protein peptides. This can reduce weight more than white rice protein or soy protein.

2. Every time you consume any type of nutrients, whether it is high nutrition or low nutrient blood glucose index, your body will cause blood sugar reactions. Simply put, nutrition will affect your blood glucose level, which means that your blood sugar and insulin levels will rise after eating, and then return to the "fasting" level after a few hours. Brown rice protein can fully reduce blood sugar reactions. This means that this supplement may significantly affect the severity of blood sugar peak and help you regulate blood glucose levels.

3. Brown rice protein is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants can help prevent cell damage of specific types, especially damage caused by oxidation (formed by the free mobility of oxygen molecules in the body), which may cause liver disease. A 2015 study found that brown rice can prevent the liver from being oxidized stress and prevent damage caused by further oxidation. Another study specially tested rice protein and found that the protein has the same antioxidant properties as the "liver protection" effect -simply speaking, it protects the liver from oxidation damage.

4. Regulate cholesterol

Brown rice protein is an important step to achieve cholesterol regulation. Studies have shown that the peptide in brown rice proteins can be eliminated in addition to gaining weight loss, which can also help the liver synthesize cholesterol produced by the liver itself and other cells in the body.

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