Mung Bean Protein Powder

Product Name: Organic Mung Bean Protein
Specification: 80%
Certifications: EU&NOP Organic Certificate ISO9001 Kosher Halal HACCP
Supply Capacity:50000kg
Features : Vegan protein;Rich in Amino Acid; low fat and Na;Allergen (soy, gluten) free; Pesticides free; low calories; high protein and dietary fiber; high UFA and BA.
Application : Protein beverage; Sport nutrition; Energy bar; Protein enhanced snack or cookie; Cake; Vegan Meat;Nutritional Smoothie; Baby & pregnant nutrition; Vegan food;
Shipping speed:1-3 days
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Product Introduction

Mung Bean Protein Powder Description

Organic Mung Bean Protein Powder is based on mung bean as raw material, the physical principle of the process to extract the production of food raw materials with excellent nutritional health function, is its purity can reach the level of the isolated protein. 

Mung bean protein is a high-protein plant with a protein content of 25% ~ 28%. It mainly contains globulin, albumin, gliadin, and glutenin, and the content of globulin and albumin is the most. And the amino acid pattern of albumin is close to the human body, so it is a kind of high-quality natural plant protein. Mung bean protein is rich in amino acids, according to the WHO/FAO score. The amino acid chemical score of mung bean protein was higher than the recommended value. 

Lysine, acknowledged as the "first limiting amino acid," is typically found in minute quantities within cereals. However, mung beans exhibit a notably high relative content of lysine, reaching up to 7.7%, akin to the levels found in eggs. Chemicalbook analysis of mung bean seed albumin revealed a lysine content of 7.1% in the amino acid composition. 

On average, the amino acid composition of mung bean protein showcases a lysine content of 6.3%. While various reports offer differing lysine content figures, the consistency in maintaining high levels underscores the balanced amino acid content in mung bean protein, catering comprehensively to human nutritional requirements.

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Product Name

Mung Bean Protein Powder


Yellow wish powder, no impunity cloud be seen by naked eyes


Yellow, light yellow, or grayish-white


No visible foreign impurities


The product should have the odor, no peculiar smell

Protein (Dry Basis)(g/100g)










Total Fat (g/100g)


Total Heavy Metal(mg/kg)










Pesticide residual

Not detected

Total Aerobic Plate Count(CFU/g)


Yeast &Mould,cfu/g


E Coli




Staphylococcus aureus,cfu/25g


Salmonella, CFU/25g







Complies with EU & NOP organic standard


Cool, Ventilate & Dry



QC Manager: Allen     

Director: Jason


1. Antioxidant

Organic mung bean protein and peptides have strong antioxidant parcels. By rooting mung bean protein and measuring its antioxidant exertion in vitro, it was set up that mung bean protein not only has high antioxidant exertion but also has a decolorizing effect

2. Antineoplastic

Mung bean contains alanine aminolysis, which has an egregious inhibitory effect on mouse leukemia cells, and the inhibitory effect increases significantly with the increase of enzyme cure and the extension of action time.

3. Antiviral

Organic mung bean protein has a role in improving human immunity and increasing physical fitness. The mung bean protein obtained by separation and purification by ion exchange chromatography has a strong anti-bacterial effect.

4. Lowering blood pressure and lipids

Angiotensin-converting enzyme ACE can convert angiotensin I into angiotensin II, which can constrict peripheral blood vessels and increase blood pressure, while organic mung bean protein has an obvious effect of lowering blood pressure

5. Inhibition of tyrosinase activity

6. Mung bean protein has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and detumescent, relieving heat and diuresis, protecting liver and eyesight


Nutritional Supplements

Rich in high- quality vegetable protein, it can be used as a nutritive supplement. For people similar as insectivores, children, the senior and athletes, acceptable protein input is veritably important for maintaining health, and it can give a high- quality protein source. It can be used as the main component of protein shakes, energy bars, protein biscuits and other products to meet people's demand for protein.

Food processing industry

It can be used as one of the raw accoutrements in the food processing assiduity. It can be added to chuck , cereals, afters , seasonings, submissive meat products and other foods to increase protein content and ameliorate taste. Compared with beast protein, it doesn't contain cholesterol and impregnated fat, and is suitable for people who pursue a healthy diet.

Beverage industry

Can be used to make a variety of protein drinks and shakes. It can be mixed with fruit, milk or factory- grounded milk to give rich protein and nutrients. These drinks are popular for those who need to make muscle mass, make strength, or recover.

Medicine field

It also has certain operations in the field of drug. It can be used as a padding and stabilizer in some pharmaceutical medications to help maintain the stability and effectiveness of the medicine. In addition, it also has a certain detoxification effect and can be used in traditional Chinese drug medications for clearing down toast and detoxifying.


It can also be used in monoculture as one of the constituents of beast feed. It can give high- quality protein and ameliorate the growth and health of creatures. Extensively used in beast husbandry and monoculture.

Flow chart

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Reasons for choosing Yuantai

Product quality: We pay attention to product quality control, and use high-quality mung beans and advanced processing technology to ensure the production of high-quality mung bean protein powder. Our products have been strictly inspected and tested to meet relevant quality standards.

Manufacturing Capability: We have modern production equipment and a professional team to meet your order needs. Whether it is a small-scale or large-scale order, we can complete the production efficiently and on time.

Customer-customized service: We attach importance to customer needs and can provide personalized services according to your requirements. Whether it is product formulation, packaging design or order delivery method, we will do our best to meet your specific needs.

Price Competitiveness: We are committed to providing competitive prices. We strive to provide customers with cost-effective products by improving production efficiency and management costs, as well as reasonable coordination with the supply chain.

Good reputation and reputation: We are a trustworthy company with a good market reputation and customer word of mouth. We treat each client with integrity and professionalism, striving to build long-term relationships.

Customer support and after-sales service: We provide perfect customer support and after-sales service. If you encounter any problems or concerns during use or purchase, we will actively respond and provide help and solutions.


Yuantai Organic Bio is committed to furnishing guests with the highest- Pure Mung Bean Protein Powder services so that every consumer can enjoy healthy, and qualityfood.However, please feel possible, If you have any products.


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