Pumpkin Protein Powder

Product Name: Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein
Specification: 75%
Certifications : EU&NOP Organic ISO22000 Kosher Halal HACCP
Supply Capacity:50000kg
Features : Vegan protein;Rich in Amino Acid; low fat and Na;Allergen (soy, gluten) free; Pesticides free; low calories; high protein and dietary fiber; high UFA and BA
. Application : Protein beverage; Sport nutrition; Energy bar; Protein enhanced snack or cookie; Cake; Vegan Meat;Nutritional Smoothie; Baby & pregnant nutrition; Vegan food;
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Product Introduction

What is Pumpkin Protein Powder?

YTBIO Organic Pumpkin Protein Powder is made of high- quality organicNon-GMO Pumpkin Seeds, which is excellent food supplement that contains over 75 protein and rich in amino acids and is a good source of factoryprotein.Pumpkin powder protein is a natural pumpkin protein certified by EU and USA and high in protein and salutary fiber, low in fat and sodium, making it the first choice among numerous factory- grounded proteins for those seeking to optimize their bodies and ameliorate their health. 

For swillers who need a low- calorie diet, replacing some salutary protein with pumpkin seed protein not only reduces cholesterol and impregnated fat input, but also achieves a balanced nutritive input. Pumpkin Protein Greasepaint is a natural attention of pumpkin with good solubility and stabilityprotein that suit for proper mutrition and healthy life and can add into milk, juice, goodies, yoghurt andetc.


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Product name

Organic Pumpkin Protein Powder

Country of Orgain



Greenish or shallow green powder

Taste & Odor


Particle sieve

≥ 95% pass 300 mesh

Protein (dry basis) (NX6.25),g/100g

≥ 70%


≤ 8.0%


≤ 7.0%

Fat content (dry basis),g/100g

≤ 10.0%

Dietary fiber (dry basis),g/100g

≤ 8.0%

pH value 10%


Bulk density (Non-vibration) ,g/cm 3

0.30~0.40 g/cm 3

Impurities analysis

Pesticide residual,mg/kg

Not detected


≤ 0.1 mg/kg

Cyanuric acid,mg/kg

≤ 0.5 mg/kg

Ochratoxin A,ppb

≤ 5 ppb

Gluten allergen,ppm

≤ 20 ppm

Soy allergen,ppm

≤ 20 ppm

Aflatoxin B1+B2+G1+G2,ppb

≤ 4 ppb

GMO (Bt63) ,%

≤ 0.01 %

Heavy metals analysis


≤ 1.0 mg/kg


≤ 0.5 mg/kg


≤ 0.5 mg/kg


≤ 0.2 mg/kg

Microbiological analysis

Total plate count,cfu/g

≤ 10000 cfu/g

Yeast &Molds,cfu/g

≤ 100 cfu/g


≤ 10 cfu/g

Escherichia coli,cfu/g

≤ 10 cfu/g



Staphylococcus aureus,/25g



Complies with EU & NOP organic standard


Cool, Ventilate & Dry


20kg/bag, 500kg/pallet


Product Name

Organic Pumpkin Seeds Protein


Amount per 100g





Total Fat




Dietary Fiber


Total Carbohydrate



Organic pumpkin protein powder is high in protein and salutary fiber, low in fat and sodium, making it a top choice among numerous factory- grounded proteins for those seeking to optimize their bodies and ameliorate their health. For those who need low- calorie diet to reduce weight, using pumpkin seed protein to replace part of the protein in the diet not only reduces the input of cholesterol and impregnated fat, but also achieves the balance of nutrition input.

The contents of non-satiation and fat acid in pumpkin seeds are high, up to 77.073% . Pumpkin seeds also contain a certain amount of pumpkin seed bud protein.

Organic Pumpkin Protein Powder are also rich in soybean oleic acid, which can nourish brain cells and remove deposits from the inner wall of blood vessels, thereby perfecting brain function and perfecting brain blood rotation, and therefore precluding atherosclerosis to a certain extent.

Organic Pumpkin Protein Powder Function

1. Improve cardiovascular disease

High tube cholesterol situations are a major cause of heart complaint. Beast fat in diet can increase tube cholesterol content, which is an important factor leading to atherosclerosis and heart complaint. Pumpkin seed protein contains no cholesterol and can be used as a cover for beast protein.

2. Improve immunity

Organic Pumpkin seed protein can promote the conflation of immunoglobulin, effectively enhance humoral impunity; It can also increase T lymphocyte proliferation and enhance cellular vulnerable response. It can also regulate impunity by promoting the release of colorful endocrine hormones, including insulin, growth hormone, prolactin, antidiuretic hormone, and catecholamine.

3. Promotes muscle synthesis

Organic Pumpkin seed protein is different from common plant protein, it contains a large amount of glutamate. Glutamate is first synthesized in the body into glutamine. Experimental studies have proved that glutamine can increase muscle cell volume, stimulate muscle protein synthesis, improve muscle vitality, make muscle growth. At present, the market uses whey protein as raw material to increase muscle powder, but whey protein is animal source protein vegetarian is not edible, and whey protein contains milk allergy, and pumpkin seed protein is plant protein, do not contain any allergy, easy allergic constitution person can set his mind at food completely.

4. Antioxidant

The enzymolysis solution was obtained, and the DPPH clearance rate was 83.47%, so the hydrolyzed pumpkin seed protein had antioxidant effect.

5. Diabetes

Pumpkin polysaccharide, protein factors with molecular weight lesser than 60 ku and molecular weight lower than 3 Ku could significantly increase insulin position of diabetic rats, and protein factors with molecular weight between 3 and 60 ku had the stylish hypoglycemic effect, which couldn't only significantly reduce fasting blood glucose position of diabetic rats, but also ameliorate glucose forbearance at different time ages.

Pumpkin Protein Powder Application

1. Food

Organic pumpkin seed protein powder can be directly added to flour, sludge mess and other finished grain as a nutritive supplement to make up for the insufficiency of essential amino acids( especially lysine) in grain food. It can also be used as an cumulative to ameliorate the flavor and nutritive composition of baked goods.

2. Meat

Adding the organic pumpkin seed protein powder to the advanced grade meat products not only improves the texture and flavor of meat products, but also improves the protein content and strengthens the vitamin.

3. Dairy products

Organic pumpkin seed protein is nutritious and contains no cholesterol.

4. Beverage

Organic pumpkin seed protein as the research object, glutinous rice powder, japonica rice powder and potato starch as the auxiliary materials, the organic pumpkin seed protein beverage was prepared by mixing.

5. Health care products

Organic pumpkin seed protein can be directly added to health care products for its effects of improving cardiovascular diseases,improving body immunity and anti-oxidation.

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Product Details

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Package & Shipment

20kg/bag, 600kg/pallet

1-500kg by express(DHL/FEDEX/UPS/EMS/TNT China)

Over 500kg by sea or air



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