Pure Pea Protein Powder

Product Name: Factory Supply Organic Pea Protein Powder
Specification: 80% 85%
Certifications: EU&NOP Organic Certificate ISO9001 Kosher Halal HACCP
Feartures: Allergen(soy,gluten) free , Non GMO , Non irradiation , Pesticide free
Application: Organic Pea Protein is currently mainly used in sports nutrition and dietary supplement foods and beverages. Its high lysine content is widely used in the formulation of muscle protein powder, and it is also the plant protein second only to whey protein in muscle enhancing effect
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Shipping method: DHL/FEDEX/UPS/EMS/TNT China
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Product Introduction

What is Pure Pea Protein Powder

Organic Pure pea protein powder is a kind of protein raw material isolated from peas, mainly extracted from the yellow pea, and contains typical legume amino acids. Pea protein isolate is a high-quality and easily digestible plant-based supplement that can help anyone increase their protein intake.

 At the same time, it is rich in amino acids, which help to increase the sense of satiety of muscle, conducive to muscle growth. Bulk pea protein is a versatile supplement that works for most people, including those with vegetarian, gluten or dairy allergy intolerances, and is a very popular sports protein supplement.

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Product Name

wholesale Pea Protein Powder


Yellow wish powder, no impunity cloud be seen by naked eyes


Yellow wish

Taste & Odor

With the right smell of the product, no abnormal odor

Protein (Dry Basis) (NX6.25)(g/100g)



≤  10%


≤ 7

Total Fat (g/100g)

≤  10



Total Heavy Metal(mg/kg)



< 1.0







Pesticide residual

Not detected

Gluten (mg/kg)


Soy allergens



Not Detected

Total Aerobic Plate Count(CFU/g)


Listeria monocytogenes

Not Detected

Yeast &Mould,cfu/g


Salmonella, CFU/25g


Staphylococcus aureus,cfu/25g


Escherichia (cfu/g)


E Coli









Complies with EU & NOP organic standard


Cool, Ventilate & Dry



QC Manager: Allen

Director: Jason


1. Help to improve immunity and regulate intestines and stomach

2. Comprehensive supplementation of amino acids to promote postoperative recovery after disease

3. Help slim body, promote collagen synthesis


1. Vegetarians, because they can't get protein from meat and dairy products

2. Anyone with an allergy or intolerance to milk

3. People who are allergic to peanuts or nuts

4. People who are allergic to wheat and soy

5. Anyone wishing to add extra protein to their diet

6. Organic Pure pea protein powder is currently mainly used in sports nutrition and dietary supplement foods and beverages. Its high lysine content is widely used in the formulation of muscle protein powder, and it is also the plant protein second only to whey protein in muscle-enhancing effect.

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Flow chart

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Package & Shipment

20kg/bag, 600kg/pallet

1-500kg by express(DHL/FEDEX/UPS/EMS/TNT China)

Over 500kg by sea or air



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