Bulk Potato Protein Powder

1. Latin Name: Solanum tuberosum L.
2. Specification: 70%~85%
3. Used Part: Fruit
4. Storage: Store in cool and dry places. Keep away from strong light and heat
5. Packing: By 25kgs/Drum, inner by double plastic bag
6. Shelf Life: 24 months under the above condition, and in its original package

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Product Introduction

What is Bulk Potato Protein Powder

Bulk Potato Protein Powder is a high-quality protein supplement derived from potatoes. It's precisely reused to prize the protein content while retaining its natural virtuousness. This protean and nutrient-rich product is an excellent choice for businesses in the food and libation assiduity looking to enhance the nutritive profile of their products.


Our Potato Protein Extract is available in a range of specifications, with protein content ranging from 70 to 85. We understand that different guests may have specific conditions, so we offer customized protein content and composition options to meet your unique requirements.

This ensures that you can create products that align perfectly with your desired formulations.



Production Process

1. Raw Material Selection: The process begins with the careful selection of high-quality potatoes.These potatoes are sourced from estimable suppliers who cleave to organic husbandry practices, icing they're free from synthetic diseases and dangerous fungicides.

By using premium-quality potatoes, the resulting protein powder will have superior taste and nutritional properties.

2. Drawing and Washing The named potatoes suffer a thorough cleaning process to remove any dirt, debris, or contaminations. They're also washed to insure they're free from any face pollutants, enhancing the overall hygiene and safety of the product process.

3. shelling and mincing After drawing, the potatoes are hulled to remove the external skin, as it contains a lower attention of protein.The peeled potatoes are then diced into small pieces to facilitate the subsequent processing stages.

4.cuisine and Grinding The minced potatoes are cooked using a combination of heat and brume. This cuisine process helps break down the potato cells, making it easier to prize the protein.

The cooked potatoes are then finely ground into a mash or puree.

5. Protein Extraction: The ground potato mash or puree undergoes a protein extraction process.generally, this involves a combination of mechanical and enzymatic styles to separate the protein from the other factors of the potato, similar as bounce and fiber.

The goal is to obtain a concentrated protein solution.

6. Centrifugation and Filtration: The protein solution is subjected to centrifugation to separate it from any remaining solid particles or impurities. This step helps clarify the protein solution and improve its purity. Subsequently, filtration techniques such as ultrafiltration or microfiltration may be employed to further remove any remaining impurities and achieve a clear protein solution.

7. Concentration and Drying: The purified protein solution is concentrated to increase the protein content.This can be achieved through styles similar as evaporation or membrane filtration. The concentrated protein result is also spot- dried or tap- dried to remove the water content and gain a dry powder form.

These drying methods help preserve the protein's nutritional integrity while extending its shelf life.

8. Milling and Packaging Once the protein powder is dried, Bulk Potato Protein Powder undergoes a milling process to achieve the asked flyspeck size and texture. The mulled protein powder is also precisely packaged in suitable holders, similar as bags or cans, icing proper protection from humidity, light, and oxidation.

Benefits Of Bulk Potato Protein Powder

(1)High Protein Content it contains a high attention of protein, generally ranging from 70 to 85. Protein is essential for colorful fleshly functions, including muscle development, towel form, and hormone product. By adding Pure Potato Protein Powder to your products, you can increase their protein content and give consumers with a precious nutrient for their overall well- being.

(2)Customizable and Reliable Supply With this Protein Powder, you have the inflexibility to customize the protein content and composition according to your specific conditions. This ensures that your products align impeccably with your asked phrasings and meet the unique requirements of your target request. also, by partnering with Yuantai Organic, you gain access to a dependable and traceable force chain, guaranteeing a harmonious and high- quality source of Potato Protein Extract for your business.


Its versatility makes it an ideal component for colorful operations in the food and libation assiduity. It can be incorporated into protein bars, snacks, potables, and bakery products to enhance their nutritive value and ameliorate texture. The neutral taste of our protein powder ensures that it blends seamlessly into a wide range of phrasings, allowing you to produce products that feed to different consumer preferences.

Potato Protein  powder is an essential component for businesses in the food and libation assiduity. Manufacturers of protein supplements, health food products, sports nutrition, factory- grounded druthers , and functional foods can profit greatly from incorporating our decoration protein  Powder into their phrasings. By offering a factory- grounded protein option, companies can meet the growing demand for sustainable and nutritional products while feeding to the requirements of health-conscious consumers.

At Yuantai Organic, we're devoted to delivering exceptional products that meet the loftiest norms of quality and sustainability. Our Bulk Potato Protein Powder is the perfect choice for businesses seeking a dependable, customizable, and protean protein component. Contact us today to explore how our premium potato protein powder can elevate your products and help you meet the evolving demands of the market.



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