Hirudin Powder

Specifications: 300ATU/G
Source: Leech and its salivary glands
Composition: small molecule protein composed of 65-66 amino acids
Category: Natural specific inhibitor of thrombin
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Product Introduction

What is hirudin?

Hirudin powder is one of the most active and most studied active ingredients extracted from leeches and their salivary glands. It is a small molecule polypeptide composed of 65-66 amino acids. Leeches are rich in hirudin, which has a strong inhibitory effect on thrombin and is the strongest natural specific inhibitor of thrombin discovered so far. Hirudin has a strong inhibitory effect on coagulation and anti-thrombosis, and has broad application prospects in clinical treatment and prevention of various thrombosis.

Hirudin is one of the most active and most studied active ingredients extracted from leeches and their salivary glands. It is a small molecule protein (polypeptide) composed of 65-66 amino acids. Hirudin has a strong inhibitory effect on thrombin and is the strongest natural specific inhibitor of thrombin discovered so far.


Natural hirudin is a single-chain polypeptide consisting of 65 or 66 amino acid residues, with a molecular mass of 7kD and three pairs of disulfide bonds (Cys6-Cysl4, Cys16-Cys28, Cys32-Cys39) at its N-terminus. It winds and stacks to form a dense core cyclic peptide structure, which stabilizes the protein structure. Its N-terminus contains an active center, which can recognize and bind to the substrate, the basic amino acid enriched site of thrombin. The C-terminus is rich in acidic amino acid residues, and 6 of the last 9 amino acids are acidic amino acids. The tyrosine residue at position 63 of natural hirudin is sulfated, but recombinant hirudin does not have this special structure, so the anticoagulant specific activity of the latter is reduced. There is a special sequence consisting of Pro-Lys-Pro in the middle of the hirudin peptide chain, which is not degraded by general proteases. This helps maintain the stability of the hirudin molecule and guides the hirudin molecule to bind to the thrombin molecule in the correct direction.

What are the benefits?

Anticoagulant effect

Hirudin Powder has a highly specific and efficient inhibitory effect on thrombin. It can directly inhibit thrombin and hinder the proteolytic function of thrombin, so it has an anticoagulant effect. Compared with heparin, hirudin requires less dosage, does not cause bleeding, and does not rely on endogenous cofactors.

Anti-thrombotic effect

It can absorb the hematoma of acute cerebral hemorrhage, reduce the inflammatory reaction and edema around the brain tissue, alleviate the increase in intracranial pressure, improve local circulation, and is conducive to the recovery of neurological function; it can also promote the absorption of experimental hematoma in the ear.

Anti-myocardial ischemia and arrhythmia effects

Its aqueous extract has obvious antagonistic effects on acute myocardial ischemia and arrhythmia; intraperitoneal injection of hirudin can increase nutritional blood flow. Intravenous injection of leech liquid can promote and reduce atrial fibrillation and peripheral inflammatory reactions, and experiments on subcutaneous hematoma have similar results.

Effect on diabetes and its complications

Insulin resistance is common in patients with type I diabetes, accounting for almost 90%. Hirudin can be used as an insulin sensitizer, which can enhance the body's sensitivity to its own insulin, resurrecting its own insulin and giving full play to its role, lowering blood sugar. Diabetes will destroy all blood vessel walls, produce inflammatory reactions, form thrombus, and lead to Necrosis of eyes, kidneys, lower limbs, etc. Hirudin can reduce the inflammatory response of blood vessel walls and prevent thrombosis.

Conditioning effect on sub-healthy people

The main core root cause of sub-health is excessive blood toxins, thick blood, and the formation of micro-thrombi in blood vessels, which in turn leads to insufficient blood supply to the brain, causing symptoms such as drowsiness, dozing off, dizziness, lack of energy, and memory loss.

Hirudin can improve the microcirculation of organs throughout the body by diluting blood, removing blood toxins, improving blood viscosity, and accelerating blood circulation, thereby well solving various sub-health problems.

Can regulate high blood pressure and hypotension

The blood purification factor of hirudin can inhibit the absorption and synthesis of cholesterol in the human body, and remove the lipid plaque attached to the blood vessel wall, thereby effectively reducing blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood viscosity. It can activate proteolytic enzymes, comprehensively remove harmful substances from plaques in blood vessels, increase blood vessel elasticity, prevent arteriosclerosis, improve blood circulation, and restore normal blood vessel function.

Can regulate dyslipidemia

Natural hirudin has a clear inhibitory effect on platelet aggregation by inhibiting thrombin-induced platelet activation. Experiments have shown that short-term administration of hirudin after balloon dilatation injury of rabbit iliac arteries, compared with the heparin group, can significantly reduce the stenosis of the arterial lumen 2 weeks and 4 weeks after surgery, and significantly inhibit arterial intimal proliferation and smooth muscle cell proliferation. The mechanism may be due to the inhibition of platelet and thrombin activation, thereby inhibiting their mediation of smooth muscle cell proliferation and migration.

Can regulate blood viscosity

After hirudin is absorbed into human blood, it becomes a negative ion state, which disperses aggregated red blood cells and platelets. It also removes excess lipid components, free radicals, toxins, etc. in the blood, thereby effectively reducing blood viscosity.

Can regulate hyperuricemia

A large number of scientific research at home and abroad have shown that natural hirudin has significant anti-hyperuricemia and anti-gout effects. Hirudin can dissolve uric acid crystals that have formed in the blood, improve the microcirculation of the kidneys, increase the glomerular filtration rate, thereby expelling excess uric acid from the body and reducing the content of uric acid in the blood.

Can regulate high blood sugar and diabetes

Natural hirudin can be used as an insulin sensitizer, which can enhance the body's sensitivity to its own insulin, repair pancreatic islets, revive insulin, and help lower blood sugar.

Can improve diabetic complications

Diabetic complications are mainly caused by micro-arteriosclerosis throughout the body, including diabetic nephropathy, diabetic eye complications, diabetic foot, diabetic cardiovascular complications, etc. Hirudin can expand and soften blood vessels, restore the elasticity of blood vessel walls, eliminate micro-thrombi, eliminate hardened plaques on blood vessel walls, and improve the microcirculation of micro arteries and capillaries in tissues and organs throughout the body, thereby effectively preventing and improving complications of diabetes.

Improve myocardial hypoxia

Hirudin Powder can reduce blood viscosity, remove blood waste, expand and soften blood vessels, improve blood circulation, accelerate blood flow, increase myocardial blood perfusion and oxygen content, thereby improving myocardial hypoxia.

Regulation of coronary heart disease

Coronary heart disease is a heart disease caused by coronary atherosclerosis that causes blood vessels to narrow and reduce elasticity, resulting in myocardial hypoxia, ischemia or necrosis. Hirudin can remove lipid deposits from blood and blood vessel walls, eliminate atherosclerosis, dilate and soften blood vessels, reduce coronary artery stenosis and enhance coronary artery elasticity, thereby restoring normal circulation in the coronary lumen. Hirudin can also improve blood microcirculation, increase myocardial blood perfusion and oxygen content, thereby preventing the occurrence of angina pectoris and effectively improving coronary heart disease.

Can prevent myocardial infarction

Because of its anticoagulant and thrombolytic effect, hirudin can eliminate mural thrombi in coronary arteries and free thrombi in systemic arteries, soften blood vessels, reduce coronary artery stenosis and increase blood vessel wall elasticity, maintain smooth coronary blood flow, and provide sustainable The heart supplies blood and oxygen, thereby effectively preventing myocardial infarction.

Can prevent stroke

Hirudin Powder can anticoagulate and dissolve thrombosis, forming a natural protective film on the inner wall of blood vessels to eliminate the hidden danger of thrombosis; reduce blood viscosity, restore blood vessel elasticity, expand blood vessels, remove blood waste, eliminate blood vessel obstruction, and ensure smooth blood vessels, thereby effectively preventing Stroke.

Effect on gynecological diseases

Such as the treatment of dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, hemorrhage, hydrosalpinx, fallopian tube occlusion, ovarian cyst, pelvic inflammatory mass, fallopian tube obstruction, endometriosis, hypergonadotropic syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome , breast hyperplasia, reproductive tuberculosis, etc. all have good curative effects.

Regulating effect on pulmonary heart disease

Scientists from the United States and the United Kingdom have discovered that hirudin extracted from leeches (commonly known as leeches) can be used to treat heart disease, and is particularly effective in preventing the recurrence of heart disease. The European Society of Cardiology spoke highly of the research by British and American scientists. Eric, an American cardiovascular expert, said that this new drug has significantly reduced the recurrence rate of heart disease, marking a big step forward in cardiac medicine.

Regulatory effect on kidney disease

Hirudin can regulate kidney disease and renal function decline in many aspects, and even renal failure.

Regulation of male diseases

Clinical treatment shows that leeches can be used for andrological diseases such as chronic prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, hematospermia, and non-liquefied semen.

Hirudin Powder

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