Bulk Isomaltulose

Molecular formula:C12H22O11
Molecular weight: 342.3
Melting point: 122~124℃
Usage: sweetener, prebiotic
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Certificates:HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, ISO9001, ISO22000, FDA
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Product Introduction

What is isomaltulose?

White crystal, odorless, sweet, about 42% of the sweetness of sucrose, pure sweetness, basically the same as sucrose, no bad aftertaste, melting point 122~124℃, specific optical rotation [α] 20D97.2°, acid resistance , heat-resistant, not easy to hydrolyze (20% solution does not decompose when heated at 100°C for 60 minutes at pH 2.0, sucrose can be completely hydrolyzed under the same conditions) Thermal stability is lower than sucrose, there is a reduction method, and it is easily soluble in water. Its solubility is lower than that of sucrose, 38.4% at 20°C, 78.2% at 40°C, and 133.7% at 60°C. The viscosity of its aqueous solution is also slightly lower than that of sucrose of the same concentration. This product can be enzymatically decomposed in the intestinal tract and absorbed and utilized by the body. It has little effect on blood sugar levels and does not cause dental caries. Usage: sweetener, prebiotic

Bulk Isomaltulose powder (6-O-α-D-glucopyranosyl-D-fructose), also known as isomeric sucrose, barose, and palatinose, is an isomer of sucrose, and its molecular formula is C12H22O11·H2O, with a relative molecular mass of 342.32, is a new natural functional oligosaccharide that exists in trace amounts in sugar cane, beets and honey. It is also the only sweetener with no dosage limit at present and is a good sugar substitute. It was first discovered in sugar mother liquor by biochemist Vaidenhagen in 1957, and was first developed by the West German South Sugar Company in the 1970s. Since Nansu Company was located in Palatin, Palatinose Company was later established, hence the name Palatinose (hereinafter referred to as Palatinose) and Palatinitol, which are known as the "sugar source of the new century". The U.S. FDA certified isomaltulose as a generally recognized as safe (GRAS) food ingredient in 2005, and can be added in unlimited quantities as needed in food production. my country's State Food and Drug Administration approved isomaltulose as a food additive in 2005. On June 12, 2014, the National Health and Family Planning Commission approved the expansion of the use scope or dosage of isomaltulose.

Physical properties

1. Digestion and absorption of isomaltulose

Isomaltulose will not be digested by saliva, gastric acid and pancreatic juice until it is enzymatically broken down into glucose and fructose for absorption in the small intestine.

Because the structure of isomaltulose is similar to sucrose, it is broken down into glucose and fructose for direct absorption and metabolism after digestion, so there is no safety issue for consumption.

2. Inhibit fat accumulation

According to the latest research report, the mechanism of obesity is that Lipoproteinlipase (LPL) in human adipose tissue is activated by insulin, causing LPL to rapidly absorb neutral fat into the adipose tissue. Because isomaltulose will not cause the secretion of insulin after being digested and absorbed, it will not cause the activation of LPL activity. Therefore, the presence of isomaltulose makes it difficult for oil to be absorbed into adipose tissue.

3. Does not cause tooth decay properties

Isomaltulose cannot be used by microorganisms that cause tooth decay in the oral cavity, and of course it will not produce insoluble polydextrose. Therefore, plaque will not form. Causes tooth decay and causes periodontal disease problems. So cavities won’t form. Therefore, isomaltulose not only does not cause tooth decay itself, but also has the effect of inhibiting tooth decay caused by sucrose.

4. Prevent diarrhea effect

Bulk Isomaltulose is slowly digested and absorbed by the body because it is completely broken down and absorbed in the small intestine. So it won't cause diarrhea. Human test results show that the direct intake amount is up to 80g. It also doesn’t have any diarrheal effects at all. This is very different from regular sugar alcohols. Can be used as a safe sweetener. Used in various candies, beverages, and foods.

5. Heat

Because isomaltulose can be digested and absorbed like sucrose, its caloric value is approximately 4Kacl/g.

Processing characteristics

1. Excellent taste

The taste of isomaltulose is very similar to sucrose, milder and more delicate. There is no unpleasant taste during or after consumption, and its sweetness is approximately 42% that of sucrose.

2. Humidity stability

It has only very low hygroscopicity, so it is free-flowing in instant powders, which can be easily made into drinks or other types of products due to its low risk of clumping.

3. viscosity

The viscosity of isomaltulose is almost the same as that of sucrose

4. Solubility

At low temperatures, the solubility of isomaltulose is only about half that of sucrose, and when the temperature rises, it is close to that of sucrose.

5. acid stability

Use isomaltulose, add 1.5% to 15% citric acid, mix, keep warm and store, no invert sugar is produced for 22 days. These properties indicate that isomaltulose is more stable than sucrose as a sweetener for foods containing organic acids or vitamin C. For example, in sports drinks, isotonicity (osmotic pressure equal to the osmotic pressure of fluids in the body) can be maintained during storage during the shelf life of the drink.

Application direction

(1) Low-sugar tooth-protecting foods

There are more and more low-sugar foods on the market, including oligosaccharides such as xylitol and maltitol, as well as natural sweeteners such as steviol glycosides. Compared with other sugar alcohols, isomalt has lower hygroscopicity. It has basically no hygroscopicity at 25°C and 70% humidity, which is beneficial to improving the storage stability of the product. It also has a flavor similar to sucrose, which helps release other aroma substances and flavors. If the sweetness is not enough, you can mix it with other high-intensity sweeteners in proportion.

Bulk Isomaltulose powder cannot be used by microorganisms that cause tooth decay in the oral cavity, so insoluble polydextrose will not be produced. Not only does it not cause tooth decay, it also inhibits tooth decay caused by sucrose. Using isomaltulose to make sugar-free chewing gum has a certain protective effect on teeth.

(2) Diet food

According to the latest research report, the mechanism of obesity is that LPL in human adipose tissue is activated by insulin, which rapidly absorbs neutral fat into adipose tissue. Because isomaltulose will not cause the secretion of insulin after being digested and absorbed, it will not cause the activation of LPL activity. Therefore, the presence of isomaltulose makes it difficult for oil to be absorbed into adipose tissue.

Utilizing the properties of isomaltulose to inhibit fat accumulation and promote fat oxidation and decomposition, isomaltulose can be used as one of the raw materials and paired with some healthy and slimming plant extracts to develop a very healthy and beneficial product. Slimming food.

(3) Food for diabetics

Because isomaltulose is slowly and evenly absorbed by the body within 6 hours, the blood sugar level and insulin concentration will not rise rapidly, and will not affect the stability of body functions and mental state; and because there is always a supply of energy, diabetes will not occur Hypoglycemia is a common phenomenon in people. Therefore, isomaltulose is often made into food for patients with diabetes and hyperglycemia.

(4) Brain-boosting food

In recent years, foreign experts and scholars, especially Japanese experts and scholars, have discovered through research and testing using Kepelin psychological tests, human brain nerve electromagnetic waves and other methods that the brain's concentration time is much longer after consuming isomaltulose than after consuming isomaltulose. Sucrose has a much stronger soothing effect on mental stress than eating sucrose. This feature makes it particularly useful for people who need to concentrate for long periods of time, and is especially suitable for students.

Isomaltulose powder

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