L-threonine Powder

Product Name:L-Threonine
Molecular Formula: C4H9NO3
Molecular Weight: 119.12
EINECS No.: 200-774-1
Test Items:Specifications
Appearance:White Crystals or Crystalline Powder
Assay:98.5% ~ 101.5%
Identification(IR):Concordant with the reference spectrum
Storage conditions: This product should be sealed and shaded, stored in a dry
Shipping speed:1-3 days

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Product Introduction

What is l-threonine?

L-threonine powder is an essential amino acid, white crystalline powder, slightly sweet. Generally speaking, it is an essential ingredient to maintain the protein balance of the human body; it can also enhance the body‵s immunity and play a great role in maintaining the moisture of the skin. Therefore, its efficacy is very large. In medicine, because its structure contains hydroxyl groups, it has a water-holding effect on human skin. In the field of food, it is used as a nutritional supplement. Co-heating with glucose is easy to generate burnt and chocolate aroma, which has the effect of increasing flavor. In the field of feed, it is often added to the feed of juvenile piglets and poultry. It is the second limiting amino acid in pig feed and the third limiting amino acid in poultry feed. Added to feedstuffs based on wheat, barley and other grains.

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What does l threonine do?

1)It can promote protein synthesis and deposition, and is used to balance amino acids, reduce growth inhibition caused by excessive tryptophan or methionine, and eliminate weight loss caused by excessive lysine. When amino acids in the feed are unbalanced, after being absorbed into the body The phenomenon of conversion to other amino acids is particularly evident.

2)Can increase feed intake

Overall, too much or too little of it reduces feed intake and daily gain. Feed intake and daily gain increased with threonine levels because it has a modulating effect on feed intake. When the maximum requirement is exceeded, feed intake and daily gain decrease.

3) It has the effect of immunity

Because of the lack of it, it will inhibit the production of immunoglobulin and T.B lymphocytes. Threonine is the main limiting amino acid in poultry immunoglobulin molecules, thereby affecting immune function.

4)Can regulate fat metabolism

In general, it promotes phosphorus synthesis and fatty acid oxidation. In animal diets, if it is added, it will have a significant impact on the fat metabolism of the body.

5)Other functions

(1) It can maintain body protein balance and promote growth and development

(2) It supports the normal work of the cardiovascular, liver, central nervous and immune systems.

(3) The body uses threonine to synthesize glycine and serine

(4) It is a necessary substance for the body to synthesize collagen, elastin and muscle tissue. (5) It can also promote the development of bones and enamel, and accelerate wound healing and repair of damage.

(6) It can combine aspartic acid and methionine to help the liver resist fat and enhance the function of digesting unsaturated fat.

 Side effects of l-threonine

1) May cause obesity. It is appropriate for patients with liver and kidney failure and muscle weakness. However, for normal people with too much protein or amino acid surplus in the body, their own nutrition is already very sufficient, which may cause obesity.

2) It belongs to the high-protein diet. A high-protein diet will increase the incidence of diabetic nephropathy, and excessive consumption will lead to diabetes, which is very dangerous.

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